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  1. Which technique - there are so many!

    Thank you! JQuery is a new one on me, will investigate.
  2. Which technique - there are so many!

    Hello everybody, I am seeking your guidance. I was reasonably technical but have been away from web programming for many years and so feel a bit lost! What I need to make is a 1-page website that lists data records, which the user can filter based on selectale properties and/or text match. The screen must react to the filter choices and update itself. The data can be loaded from anything, even a csv file is ok. Data is read-only. Estimate 10,000 records, just a flat table of simple text, of between 100-400 characters each. Development is on Mac OS. Whatever I need I'm willing to learn, but want to make the right choice. I initialy though MySQL but found it complex to even set up. Javascript objects...dynamic html... mmmm Thank you so much for reading.