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  1. Wow thanks, this solution is spot on Dsonesuk! <3
  2. I have a issue and there might be multiple ways to solve it. I want a button to reveal extra content when it is clicked. I want to slide the extra content in from the left using the w3.animations or any other method that would be easy to follow and have it stop in the center of the screen. The content is a image and a few words describing it in a organized container. How would I do this or do you have any general advice for me to follow?
  3. It was locked. I guess this is a mission accomplished....
  4. I'm working in java script and I'm having a hard time finding my error. My error started with a var named fx. fx is a math expression and I was sure I did everything correctly but I don't know. fx is a representation of the math expression below. Please help me fix this syntax error. var xcoord = 0; var ycoord = 100; var degreeOfRotation = 0; var degree = (-degreeOfRotation *Math.PI)/180; var smoother = 10; var tipAdjuster = 2.8; var innerDisplacement = -3; var fx =( smoother * Math.pow ( ( ( (-ycoord*Math.sin(degree))+(-xcoord*cos(degree))-xcoord) + xcoord ) , tipAdjuster ) )
  5. Introduction I want to standardize my approach to building a css style sheet and the way I use my classes in my HTML. I download the w3 architect template along with w3 css style sheet. I've made edits to the HTLM page to my personalize agenda but I'm unsure how to personalize the css file. From my research looking around the web while I waited for approval, I noticed the w3 css style sheet might be badly written due to how often the !important operator is used, and a few naming problem. I'm very unsure what is right and what is wrong. I have 2 primary goals I want to accomplish. 1st: How should I structure the classes in my css? 2nd: How should I apply styles in the html file? Goals I've learned there are many ways to structure classes in css. What would be the best method for structuring class? Which classes should have children? Should one item have multiple classes and if so how many? Regarding the html part of my personal project I've done some experimenting. I noticed classes being override. I tested multiple conditions and I came to conclusion I should have a process so I get exactly what I want with no override. When I mean process I meant the process of applying style. The example below shows I want to apply styles in a step by step fashion. .I fear I might not be covering enough considerations which is why I want determine a routine process for applying any styles. Example: Step 1) Align object -> (Step 2) Determine font -> (Step 3) color ->(Step 4) ect Any advice?