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  1. How site's admin manage their site ?

    I am saying to share some screenshot not anything buddy
  2. How site's admin manage their site ?

    Hey there thanks for the response.If u don't mind can u please show some real site's (i mean not example) CMS design/UI looks
  3. How site's admin manage their site ?

    I was just thinking how the site's management panel looks like.I know there are CMSs but besides them how people manage, do they make their own custom admin panel to control the site or what else ? I was just curious how the control panel looks like that's all. Share some screenshots of your site's backend design (off course not the code -- i mean share backend working design/UI looks )
  4. Help to open this resource ?

    I was trying to open this ( https://github.com/filipac/Free-Torrent-Source/blob/master/mytorrents.php ) but got error. Can anyone guide me how to open this resource ? Edit: It says "Error, Permission Denied". Can u please guide me to open this file. I have Xampp as local server and know how to run it. Downlad and run this resource and please say me steps
  5. if it is to start today,Which One ?

    if you were to learn this present time which back end programming language for web development would you be learning ?
  6. Structuring the PHP site

    I am very grateful to all of you for your queries ... keep them coming that will help me a lot more than ever Thank you !!!
  7. Structuring the PHP site

    Hello there all, I want to learn"How can i structure groups within a website? (groups like i mean-- admin ,moderators, helpers,users, etc-etc) ? " in context of PHP ... this site has the groups like this as i said, please someone provide me some concepts and ideas how i can implement this ?