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  1. On 5/3/2018 at 10:46 PM, justsomeguy said:

    Well, do some research on peer-to-peer communication.  There's a ton of information about things like that.  Like I mentioned, nearly every language has a way to open a socket connection.  If you want to push data, that's one way to do it.  You just need to do some research though, you can't count on everyone to have the specific answers that you need for your specific problem, or a tutorial that shows how to do exactly the thing you're trying to do so that you can just follow step by step instead of needing to learn things.  You'll need to learn and research, you need to have those skills.  If you don't know how to research your problem, that's the first thing you need to learn.  If a group of programmers can't do research to figure out how to get 2 computers to communicate with each other, then that's the problem you need to solve before writing any code.

    Hi, there. Thank you for your suggestion !

  2. 8 hours ago, justsomeguy said:

    OK, that's good.  I would rely on your programmers to tell you what kind of technologies you need to do something like that then, that isn't exactly a beginner project.  If you're talking about a desktop application then you might consider things like C++, C#, Java, etc.  Each of those languages has ways to communicate with a web server or to open a socket connection to another computer.

    hello sir, yes we are going with desktop GUI application. Thank you for the response.We have 2 and half month to do this project, we haven't seen so much good resources where to start, so we are confused.We have two java programmers, i have C and Basic C++ base, within 2 and half month i will be pushing myself to run with my friends. I will be heartly grateful if you could help us in this regard. Please sir, i will be waiting for your response.  

  3. Hi, we are trying to build a desktop app based on peer to peer environment where users can chat with each other.We don't need any code but we need some useful guide on "what are the necessary things i may need to complete this project"? Like, if i need to built a website i should know basic html,css,javascript[frontend], any one of the backend programming languages,server,IDEs,hosting,domain,etc. On same similar fashion if any one of you have some idea can you please provide me some tips on similar fashion for making this peer to peer chat system .I don't know what happen in this peer-to-peer  system in so much depth but i need to know and i want too. Please !

    Thanks !

  4. 6 hours ago, Ingolme said:

    Everybody uses a CMS. The only difference is whether the CMS is created by a third party (like Wordpress) or is custom built by the same team that owns the website.

    Hey there thanks for the response.If u don't mind can u please show some real site's (i mean not example) CMS design/UI looks 

  5. I was just thinking how the site's management panel looks like.I know there are CMSs but besides them how people manage, do they make their own custom admin panel to control the site or what else ? I was just curious how the control panel looks like that's all. Share some screenshots of your site's backend design (off course not the code -- i mean share backend working design/UI looks ) 

  6. Hello there all, I want to learn"How can i structure groups within a website? (groups like i mean-- admin ,moderators, helpers,users, etc-etc) ? " in context of PHP ... this site has the groups like this as i said, please someone provide me some concepts and ideas how i can implement this ?

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