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  1. W3.CSS Layout - gutters work in v3, but broken in v4?

    Ah! Thank you for this! Is this a feature or a bug, would you say? :-) I've now added this into the <style> section of the <head> of my HTML document to override the behaviour and it seems to work... .w3-cell-row:before, .w3-cell-row:after { content: none; } Thanks again for the help - this has been driving me crazy!
  2. I've been using w3-layout in w3css v3 to get a table-like layout with equal-height rows. I want my design to include spacing or gutters between the rows and columns. This isn't shown in the example pages on W3Schools, but I've managed to get them working... Here's a cut-down example on jsbin showing w3css v3 with w3-layout-container / w3-layout-col, a centred table with 95% width and border-spacing specified (with apologies for the pink!): https://jsbin.com/vujecuy/2/edit?html,output When I try to implement this in w3css v4, I come unstuck. This time the 95% width specified gives a much slimmer width on screen, and if you use a narrow-screen to force single-column mode, it's clear the left and right margins are different sizes. Also when you jump from multi-column to single-column mode, the space between rows gets bigger, whereas with v3 it stays the same size. Here's my v4 example: https://jsbin.com/venevim/2/edit?html,output Have I missed something in my conversion from v3 to v4 or have I got something fundamentally wrong? Or is there a bug in v4? Anyone else using Layouts with gutters?