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  1. You need to create a custom HTML page on your website and copy the code of the Google form from <form to </form> and replace the below mentioned code. <form action=”Google form link ending with form response” target=”_self” method=”POST” id=”mG61Hd“> with <script type=”text/javascript”>var submitted=false;</script> <iframe name=”hidden_iframe” id=”hidden_iframe” style=”display:none;” onload=”if(submitted) {window.location=’http://YOUR-THANK-YOU-PAGE-URL‘;}”></iframe> <form action=”Google form link ending with formresponse” method=”post” target=”hidden_iframe” onsubmit=”submitted=true;”> Basically here you are are showing your thank you page on load but still, your form responses are tracked in the spreadsheet. Also, you need to modify the submit button code. Don't play with the code if you are not good with it as it may break the code and fixing that will be another challenge. This blog for Step by step customizing Google form and getting the spreadsheet will guide you with screenshots and gifs.