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  1. Hi dsonesuk, ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------To view in Notepad in a proper format such as indented etc, it would have to be formatted with required line break, tabbing that notepad will recognised to produce the required result. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to do that ? Could you please give an example ? Which formatting tool we will use ? Please reply as soon as possible. Thanks in advance. Harish Pathak
  2. Hi dsonesuk, Thanks for your prompt reply. What do you say about the following statement that I found in another forum. Please give your views, I am not getting this point. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The XML file needs to be formatted (or viewed) with an XML editor or processed with an XML formatting tool, if you want to view it with Notepad. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What should I do to view xml file in notepad in xml format. Thanks in advance. Harish Pathak
  3. Hi Guys,We have a requirement to download the internal table data as XML file.Able to download the XML file in correct format, but when opened in NOTEPAD we are getting the complete tags of the XML in a single line.We need the notepad file also to look like the format of the XML file when opened.Please reply as soon as possible.Thanks in advance.Harish Pathak
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