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  1. Which Apache ver to use: 2.2 or 2.4

    Hi all, thanks for the input. I'll go with the latest release of things from the recommended site and take it from there. Let's see how things go.
  2. Hi all. I'll try to be direct with the details. I've installed a test server on my development pc (HP Envy, specs are fine) running win 8.1. I used the 'xampp-win32-7.1.9-0-VC14-install' from the preferred site. Installation went fine, no noted errors in any logs. I changed the psswd for MySQL as suggested. (No prob there) I can bring up the XAMPP control panel from command line fine (administrator priv) and I can start up Apache, MySQL just fine. (logs all good) (I'm not sure if I should be starting up the 'Tomcat' piece of the pie as well though, can't get a grip on what piece that plays in this picture.) I won't be using the 'FileZilla' or 'Mercury' piece at the moment. I can get into MySql and do stuff in there just fine via command line execution of the Control Panel (V3.2.2) My problem is this. I cannot figure out how to bring up Apache Control Panel via localhost. This has eluded me for some time now. I've read through dozens of posts from diff forums and still am not seeing the light on this issue. Using FireFox or Chrome, when I type in "http://localhost/xampp" all i get is the default Dashboard. (like lots of other users have gotten, but I can't get an answer on this that I can understand. I have all this installed under "c:/xampp and in the ~/htdocs folder I do have an index.php file. I've moved that and still cannot get control panel to come up. I'm thinking this might be a 'Path' issue, and there are not xampp files under that htdocs folder, since they shouldn't be there for public use i thought. They are in a diff folder. Perhaps that is just my problem. I just need to tell it to look in a diff place. All the ports are default settings, not changed, and am not detecting any conflicts with any application port usage. I'm just not sure on the proper use of this browser accessible approach still, lol. Any suggestions.
  3. Which Apache ver to use: 2.2 or 2.4

    Hi all, I'm leaning all this web server stuff and am enjoying it so far. Have done all the reading on HTML, CSS, JS, MySql, PHP. Am at a point where I need to create a test server to mash it all together. I am running on Win 8.1 (64bit) (I can run 32bit fine, no prefference), and my test server will be my development pc. It is an HP Envy fully stacked, haha! I'm running Norton software for firewall as well as MBAM for added protection. I have created 'flat' web pages for practice and am looking forward to linking the MySQL/PHP side into things, so I can continue the learning curve more appropriately. My q is simple. Should I go with the latest ver of Apache (2.4) or stick with Apache (2.2). I have no preferences, so it shouldn't really matter. I'm NOT looking to go live host for web pages until I feel much more comfortable with the whole circle of things here, LOL. It's just time for this test server setup and keep on learning. I've read through the FAQ's on this site about it, but that post is a bit old now. Hence my double check on the Apache Ver. I also noticed that if I tried to install via the XAMPP option, it seems to have a MariaDB instead of MySQL?? Is this just a joke on newbies (haha) or have they switched it out. I'd probably rather stay with MySQL for kicks. Thanks in advance,