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    iphone videos no longer autoplay?

    Just looping back on this for the benefit of anyone else who might come across this thread. I realized that the item that is preventing autoplay on iphone is when the phone is in "low power mode"... Kind of a smart move on behalf of the iPhone really. On a phone not in low power mode, videos should autoplay as expected.
  2. Jakobox

    iphone videos no longer autoplay?

    Thanks for that Don. You got it exactly right... I'm trying to find a solution that doesn't have the inherent downside of a GIF in terms of poor rendering vs massive files for longer images. In this particular example, the GIF actually looks pretty good, but I have other files that are longer, higher framerate etc. Ideally I would love to have more control over this, but to be honest, the implementation (with the play button required for the video to start) is not awful.
  3. Hi guys! Newbie question: Awhile back it seemed that there was an update to iOS that made it so if a Video had the following attributes autoplay loop muted playsinline it would autoplay inline on iPhone/iOS when fully in the viewport. That was great! Allowed me to use video files instead of GIFs, which has a ton of advantages. However, I recently noticed that all the videos I have set up like this now show a play button over them in iOS, and require the user to click them to begin playback. Was this just a change in iOS? I notice that both iOS Chrome and Safari have the same behavious. Or is something weird with my code? Is there a workaround to get autoplay on mobile back? Here's an example of what I'm talking about https://www.jacobpritchard.com/video-sample Thank you!