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  1. I have this html code: <div class="t1desc">$ <?php include ("PaymentAmount.inc"); ?> </div> Whenever I Submit/Post (via a button) to write new data to the 'Paymentamount.inc file', the web page then correctly updates the payment, apparently without refreshing the page (which is what I want). But this gives rise to two questions: 1. What mechanism is updating (i.e., reading the file) the above element? 2. Is there a way to update this WITHOUT doing a SUBMIT? Thanks.
  2. My bad, and my apologies; that was exactly the problem. I had included the wrong 'config' file at the beginning of my code. Although I still don't know why it would only manifest itself after adding the 'hover' code. But thanks.
  3. The actual message is: "PHP Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent " I didn't get this message until I added the following code (and if I remove the code, I no longer get the message): CSS .thumbnail:hover { position:relative; top:-25px; left:-35px; width:500px; height:auto; display:block; z-index:999; } HTML <img src="images/condo0.jpg" class="thumbnail" height="150" /> Normally I would just ignore the error but it adds the message to the logfile every time 'refresh' is executed, and will eventually overwhelm the log file. These are the first three lines of my php file on the off-chance they are relevant to the error: <?php ob_start(); session_start(); Any ideas? Thanks. (edit) two images inadvertenlty added which should not be here. Newb, sorry.
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