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  1. Thanks for the replies guys, does anyone know the code to get the content from the iFrame to then save as PDF?
  2. I am creating an internal HTML file which combines a few iFrames into one iFrame. What I am looking to do is to be able to save the final iFrame as PDF. By having a button to allow the user to do this. How can I write this to allow the user to save as PDF? I did find one solution but the PDF was coming out blank, plus it would one work on the first click. If I tried to click it again, it wouldn't work. Any help would be appreciated.
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    How can I get 2 iFrames one directly under the first? Each time I try it I always get a large white gap? This is my code <style> #frame { -ms-zoom: 0.68; -moz-transform: scale(0.68); -moz-transform-origin: 0 0; -o-transform: scale(0.68); -o-transform-origin: 0 0; -webkit-transform: scale(0.68); -webkit-transform-origin: 0 0; } #frame1 { -ms-zoom: 0.68; -moz-transform: scale(0.68); -moz-transform-origin: 0 0; -o-transform: scale(0.68); -o-transform-origin: 0 0; -webkit-transform: scale(0.68); -webkit-transform-origin: 0 0; } </style> <iframe id="frame" src="site1" width="3000" height="800"></iframe> <iframe id="frame1" src="site2" width="600" height="600"></iframe>
  4. When I add the square brackets into "fileToUpload[]" it then jumps to the section about the image type not being a JPG, etc. Are you able to post the HTML code and PHP code to show what it should look like? I am quite a newbie to HTML and PHP, apologies.
  5. I have the below HTML and PHP code for uploading multiple files, but for some reason only 1 file is being uploaded. Does anyone know why? Many Thanks Simon <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <form action="upload.php" method="post" enctype="multipart/form-data"> Select image to upload: <input type="file" name="fileToUpload" id="fileToUpload" multiple> <input type="submit" value="Upload Image" name="submit"> </form> </body> </html> The PHP is <?php $target_dir = "uploads/"; $target_file = $target_dir . basename($_FILES["fileToUpload"]["name"]); $uploadOk = 1; $imageFileType = strtolower(pathinfo($target_file,PATHINFO_EXTENSION)); // Check if image file is a actual image or fake image if(isset($_POST["submit"])) { $check = getimagesize($_FILES["fileToUpload"]["tmp_name"]); if($check !== false) { echo "File is an image - " . $check["mime"] . "."; $uploadOk = 1; } else { echo "File is not an image."; $uploadOk = 0; } } // Check if file already exists if (file_exists($target_file)) { echo "Sorry, file already exists."; $uploadOk = 0; } // Check file size if ($_FILES["fileToUpload"]["size"] > 500000) { echo "Sorry, your file is too large."; $uploadOk = 0; } // Allow certain file formats if($imageFileType != "jpg" && $imageFileType != "png" && $imageFileType != "jpeg" && $imageFileType != "gif" ) { echo "Sorry, only JPG, JPEG, PNG & GIF files are allowed."; $uploadOk = 0; } // Check if $uploadOk is set to 0 by an error if ($uploadOk == 0) { echo "Sorry, your file was not uploaded."; // if everything is ok, try to upload file } else { if (move_uploaded_file($_FILES["fileToUpload"]["tmp_name"], $target_file)) { echo "The file ". basename( $_FILES["fileToUpload"]["name"]). " has been uploaded."; } else { echo "Sorry, there was an error uploading your file."; } } ?>
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