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  1. margin-right in my body

    Any outline to remove?
  2. Drop-Down Menu without CSS

    You could use <details i guess
  3. HTML Audio tag & Mobile Aspect Ratio

    Add attribute: controls just to refer to the standard control-pannel of each browser or build them on your own, as you want them to be for each viewport-screen/device!
  4. Breaking a line of text in the middle

    I understand those, Sorry
  5. Showing one div element on hover of another?

    try visibility:hidden on text
  6. Breaking a line of text in the middle

  7. margin-right in my body

    * {box-sizing:border-box} will fitt padding, margin and border in total width: raccomanded * is universal selector so apply in each, if fixes bad on other pages belive you could just put it a new external or internal reference or even inline as just command. Should work out