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    Blogger HTML posts problem

    Hello guys, I apologise, Sanja for using your topic to ask my question, but since it is also related to blogging, I hope you won't mind. You are my female namesake, after all I am writing some guides (as blogs), which I am transferring to my mobile app via feedburner and I would like to change the layout and also add push-to-open features for the website and phone number. I would like to move the logo completely to the left and place the text next to it. Also, I would like to include the push-to-open feature (for mobile phones) for the phone number and website (and/or an e-mail address, alternatively). Needless to say that I am new to HTML, however I have used it before, but the coding was not as messed up, as this one. Thank you in advance for your assistance and once again apologies to you, Sanja. Best regards, Sanjin