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  1. Whose have experience in web development projects?

    If you want to create a solid web developer portfolio, remember that it involves a lot of time and effort. So start with a teaser. Introduce yourself in a clear and informative manner..state who you are and what kind of job you are looking for. The first impression is important. Then design clear navigation. It must be simple and consistent. Something like Projects-> About me-> Contact me. Describe your work in detail and while doing this, don't forget about a case-study format. Make everything for skim reading in order to grasp the idea very quickly. What is more important, never lie and tell about your way to success, describe obstacles to the top. + make the contact page clear and try analytics. What concerns the web development itself, here I can say that one should practice everyday and write code regularly, then you will certainly become a better developer. Contribute to open-source projects, I find it a good option. Cause working on the open-source projects (for example on GitHub) helps you dive into code. Use development tutorials on the web (there are a lot of them). Trace all the innovations ( especially those concerning security - recently made a kind of research- it's crucial !!!) And don't forget by the way that a person is hired and not a portfolio. If you succeed, your portfolio will demonstrate your expertise as a developer, showcase your thought process, and give potential employers or clients the hint whether they would like to work with you or not.
  2. new site

    What concerns design - it's good. But don't you think that spaces between the text lines are too small? Everything seems too overloaded.
  3. How can I get grip in web development???

    Did you try Upwork?
  4. Search Engines

    Of course Google:) Cause it's great. The company did a good job, and continues improving it every day..And making the switch to this very browser was perhaps the best possible decision I could have taken to enhance my surfing web experience. I like the number of extensions and apps to make its using safer, easier and more fast