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  1. FrankieGTH

    Help with Drop down Nav Bar

    Hi, If the from-scratch tutorials didn't make much sense to you, I'm afraid you can forget about turning an existing menu into a drop-down one. That's more difficult than building one from the ground up.
  2. FrankieGTH

    Would all news journals use XML?

    Large news journals nowadays have a website, an Android app and an iOS app. That means that they will store their news stories in some sort of universal storage language. Would they all use XML, or are there alternatives? I'm assuming they are not using tabular databases, and that apps cannot read/render HTML.
  3. FrankieGTH

    please help

    I'd say: could you clarify the question, because it doesn't make any sense to me? And could you give it a proper title, so that folks can see from it whether it would be a problem that they could help with?
  4. Thank you, gentleman. I guess the JS devs forgot to write me about this change. 😉 I'll keep declaring vars and constants, if it were only because the next web dev that has to work with my scribbles may be a junior one. Who may see undeclared items as globals, which would confuse them.
  5. FrankieGTH

    Differentiate between IE and Edge

    Doesn't anyone of the W3Schools team read along then on this forum? And you're not in contact with them? What's the use of having a section Suggestions then?
  6. Hi, I had a function in which I forgot to declare the ID of an element that played an important role in it. But the function still worked, without any console error reports; I saw the omission only today. At first I almost didn't believe it, but the demo linked from https://www.w3schools.com/jsref/prop_html_id.asp confirmed it. If you change that function to function displayResult() { myHeader.innerHTML = "Have a nice day!"; } it works just as well. That raises a few questions: Since when is that? How about browser support? Does W3Schools mention that anywhere and if not, why not?
  7. FrankieGTH

    Differentiate between IE and Edge

    That would be another matter, which external source is the most up to date/extensive. How about my suggestion to (always) differentiate between IE and Edge on W3Schools?
  8. FrankieGTH

    Differentiate between IE and Edge

    I think you have folks have an awesome site. I frequently refer learners to it. But there is a matter that I would definitely improve: differentiate between IE and Edge when it comes to browser support. For example on https://www.w3schools.com/tags/att_input_type.asp There are many differences between the two browsers on that issue. See https://caniuse.com/#search=input type And that's just one example. In CSS3, there plenty differences as well. Windows 7, which doesn't accept Edge, is still widely used in the corporate world, and that is going to remain for quite a while. So those users should be regarded as critical users for web developers.
  9. FrankieGTH

    CSS tutorial box model - illogical subject order

    I think the existing order is the right order, because to understand the box model you first have to understand border, padding, and height & width.