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  1. Okay sir , thanks for your helping hand
  2. Sir, Range() concept is somewhat difference than For Loop in C? or Same?
  3. okay, So, i make a little change to my python code... for i in range (0,10): print(i) print ("value of i after exit from loop",i) The loop will execute until the condition became FALSE. So, the loop will execute from 0 to (10-1) mean 0 to 9 and condition become FALSE when i become 10...(10<10-->False)...am i right? Let me to show that what i thinking... First it print, Loop Body (value of i) Increment (i=i+1) Condition (i<10) Status (T/F) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0 1 1<10 TRUE 1 2 2<10 TRUE 2 3 3<10 TRUE 3 4 4<10 TRUE 4 5 5<10 TRUE 5 6 6<10 TRUE 6 7 7<10 TRUE 7 8 8<10 TRUE 8 9 9<10 TRUE 9 10 10<10 FALSE So, the last value of i became 10 but when i print it show 9...Why? The process is also follows by C, am i right? But in the case of C it shows the result is 10...Why?
  4. Sir, I wrote the same code on Python and C. But the same code give two different result...my C code is... for (i=0;i<10;i++) continue; printf ("%d",i); and the my python code is... for i in range (0,10): continue print (i) The c code give 10 and python give 9 as result. So, what is loop execution process...what is the difference between loop execution process between Python and C?
  5. Sir, can I declare a Function with its return type and parameter's type on Python like C Language? void main() { void sum(int,int); /*function declaration*/ sum(5,5); } void sum(int x,int y)/*function defination*/ { /*function body*/ int result; result=x+y; printf ("The Sum is %d",result); } Can i do this same code on python? Python support Function Declaration? If yes, then how i declare a function on python
  6. List: collection which is ordered and changeable. But, if I create a list 'car' which is Unordered like that... car=["BMW","MAHINDRA","HERO","KTM"] print(car) SO, it does not support 'list' properties. But print result is ['BMW', 'MAHINDRA', 'HERO', 'KTM'] . Please help me that how it works even the 'list' is unordered, why it don't show any error message.
  7. I want to start a service in web that my Clint can build their website using WYSIWYG web builder. That mean i want to give same to same web building opportunity like wordpress, JUMLA etc. How it is possible...If have any idea please share with me...Thank You
  8. sir, I Try to do it but i fail because i have no idea how i "replace text by image"... can you give any idea with example to replace text by image?....
  9. Sir, Can you help me with code to "replace text with image and vice-versa"..
  10. sir, I want to upgrade my code and change one in the code. So, I change my target. My old Target:- User can't add more than 3 Item in "Available today" list from "out-of-stock" list. My new Target:- User can't add more than 3 Item in "Available today" list from "out-of-stock" list. If, user select any text items in "out-of-stock" then it add in the "available today" list as picture. then if user click this picture in "available today" then it come back to "out-of-stock" as text. Example:- Let, user click "apple" text in "out-of-stock" it add "available today" list with "apple picture"...if, user click again the "apple picture" from "available today" if will come back in "out-of-stock" as text.... Have any Idea how I change it? Please Help Me....
  11. Sir, I honestly want to know why .size() practically not use?
  12. Sir, I think I clearly described MY TARGET in previous message...
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