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    PHP_SELF refresh

    Here was the offending variable..... Thanks again for your help.
  2. plugnz14

    PHP_SELF refresh

    Justsomeguy, Thank you so much! That is awesome!
  3. plugnz14

    PHP_SELF refresh

    Hi , having some fun trying to get my blog to refresh at a section on my page rather than the top of the page. I'm using Simple Blog PHP 3.0 script which uses a PHP include()to insert the blog entry on the page. The bit that posts the blog entry... and the bit that sends it back to itself My page has sections, every time it refreshes back to the top of the page, with this in the address bar But I'd like it to go to the # Blog section of the page. So I've tried this..... .....and it works! wahoo! Refreshes back to the blog section of the page and this bit in the address bar.... but.... now the blog links don't work.... Any thoughts? I would be very much appreciative if someone could shed some light on this. Thanks in advance.