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    having background trouble in css

    I have 10 smaller sections that make my middle section on a webpage Im working on and Im having trouble changing the background color of each individual section. it just comes out completely garbled. <a href="main_section1"> <section id="main_section1"> <article> <header> <hgroup> <h1>Ace-King</h1> <h2> How to play Ace king</h2> </hgroup> <p>Considerations of hold'ems most notorious hand and why players hate it so much</p> </article> </a> and the css (note Im just trying different colors to see if there's any effect) #main_section1{ background-color:green; text-color:red; position: absolute; left: 629px; top: 373px; float: left; width: 287px; margin: 20px; /*720px (.i.e 660 + leftside 30 + rightside 30, 280 remaining(1000-720)*/ }