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  1. I'm pretty new to SQL and I'm working on a query that will save me so much time at work. I have three tables- Product- Contains every product (product info table) Company Offering- Contains every company the product is offered to. (For example, a pen from the product file is listed 10 times on the company offering file because it is available to Company 1, 2, 3, etc. Companies- Table contains every company ID and company I need to know which COMPANIES the item is not available to and vice versa (i.e. If someone said start/stop selling this product, I need to know which companies to add/remove it from) Here is my query: select s.usn, s.web_short_description, s.manufacturer_part_number, bs.brand_id, bs.source_id, bs.source_system_id, bs.brand_SKU_number, bs.web_enable_date, bs.web_disable_date, BR.brand_name FROM PRODUCT S WITH (NOLOCK) left join COMPANYOFFERING BS WITH (NOLOCK) on s.usn=bs.USN join COMPANIES BR WITH (NOLOCK) ON BS.brand_id = BR.Brand_ID where s.usn is not null This pulls in all of the data i need, but it's not summarized- each product has several rows- 1 for each company. Ideally, all company names would be listed as a column, and if the item didn't exist for that company, I would get a NULL result. Thanks in advance for the help!
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