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  1. Funce

    CSS table (asymmetrically)

    Following up on dsonesuk, you could combine this https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml_td_colspan With my previous answer, if this is your issue.
  2. Funce

    Back button press

    I second AJAX for this one. Otherwise, if you want to end up on the same page for submission, you could: A: Redirect using your back-end code (on your /language page handling, with headers or however you wish to do it) B: Make sure that your form `action` targets the page its on. With this one you'll need to make sure your form handling back-end code also watches this form for submissions.
  3. Funce

    Refresh the page

    Yep! You'll need to play with some Javascript for this one! I'd like to ask why you'd need to refresh the page every five seconds. Is there data that needs updating?
  4. Funce

    How to scroll left side menu ?

    If I'm reading you correctly, (Which I hope I am) there are two ways you can do this. You can attempt that sticky navigation, with position:fixed and some position definitions Your alternative is, constrain the height of your row (I measured 380px) and use `overflow: hidden` on your cell with your row 1 column 2's in it. This will make it scroll separately, if you're putting other things on the page (Outside the cells), I recommend the fixed position solution. Scrolled Up: Scrolled Down:
  5. Funce

    Mysql db data doesn't register

    This sounds like an error with your mysqli object. The Database Location, Username, Password, and Database Name on the free plan are the same as the paid plan? If they are (Or you've already checked that), check if you're closing your connection anywhere. That error can arise when you're trying to use a closed connection object. I agree with justsomeguy, in regards to Prepared Statements. They're not too difficult, so give it a shot!
  6. Funce

    horizontal and vertical tabs issue

    Hi there Syed! A possible solution would be to add .tabcontent .tab .tablinks { width: 100%; } See if that works for you.
  7. Funce

    CSS table (asymmetrically)

    Hi Nicole! Welcome to the forums! I looked around for you and found something that might help. https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tryit.asp?filename=tryhtml_col_width_css
  8. Funce

    Some divs shrink and align left on mobile

    It will work for mobile, but it definitely won't be optimal. That would be an issue for another time, as LAS does not wish to make a mobile design and, judging by the demeanor, wanted a relatively quick fix. I definitely agree that fixing it for good would be a better course of action, and I encourage @LAS8687 to strongly consider it.
  9. Funce

    Some divs shrink and align left on mobile

    As an alternative @LAS8687, instead of using a 'Width' in the HTML where I specify, you could define a 'min-width' of the same value. That would work for the mobile, and the Desktop. But it won't be the most perfect
  10. Funce

    Some divs shrink and align left on mobile

    @LAS8687 An interesting thing to note is that I saw your website in a screen size smaller than the specified width, so I had to scroll to see all of it. Having played around with this a bit, I advise you to follow dsonesuk's advice. To get the beginnings of something that will work, I suggest you do the following: test.css, line 284 Remove width body, html { height: 100%; /* width: 1475px; */ margin: 0; } test.css, line 106 Remove width #banner-container { /* width: 1492px; */ margin: 8px auto; height: 100px; } test.css, line 26 Change overflow to hidden, or remove it. .hero-image { background-image: url(/images/carousel/hero2.png); padding-top: 50px; height: 50%; background-position: center; background-repeat: no-repeat; background-size: cover; position: relative; overflow: hidden; } test.css, line 325 remove width #content-container { /* width: 1475px; */ background-color: #FFF; margin: 0 auto; padding: 25px; overflow: auto; } test.css, line 594 remove width #footer-container { /* width: 100%; */ background-color: #132442; padding: 15px; } Some next steps after this would be looking at the padding or other such things for the boxes and buckets. You will also have to look at your navigation, doing this will absolutely destroy it. This should give you something to start fixing up, and will be a better base than what you have now. What browser do you tend to use for developing?
  11. Funce

    Content Stacking vertically on Mobile Devices

    The issue here is your very last CSS statement in your style lot. By displaying it as a block (Under a media query, so when the screen is small) it makes each link take up a full line. You might be able to remove this, to get the behaviour you want, but you would need to test further. .footerContent a { display:block !important; } /* Place footer social and utility links on their own lines, for easier access */
  12. Funce

    Some divs shrink and align left on mobile

    I might suggest checking the CSS of those two divs, they seem to match the width of the screen its being viewed on. Its mostly the width of the HTML tag that's being weird. It would seem that its inheriting the width of the browser you're viewing it on. Every div that doesn't define its own width gets strange like this An immediate fix of this would be From test.css - Line 284 body, html { height: 100%; margin: 0; } Inserting 'width: 1475px' will entirely fix this issue. Let me know how it goes. (This could break other pages, but its not easy for me to test that) Possible result: If you wanted to fix it entirely... well... That would unfortunately require the redesign you don't have the cards for, so there you go. Good luck with your redesign!
  13. Funce

    Nested Tabs issue

    Hi there Rizwan Syed! I had a look through your code, and your class 'tabcontent1' isn't actually defined as being hidden, it gets shown when everything else does. .tabcontent1 { float: left; padding: 0px 12px; border: 1px solid #ccc; width: 70%; border-left: none; height: 300px; } I suggest you add a 'display: none' in there and see if that does what you'd like.