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  1. Funce

    If Else

    You would be correct. Ternaries can perform multiple statements of execution. I'll point out that you're still executing one statement by nesting ternaries but the ability is there. However to use ternaries to execute multiple statements, would be... not ideal. Why would you not use an if...else? Additionally nesting ternaries exponentially reduces readability past the first.
  2. Interesting observation, thanks for clarifying my test cases. These ISO XSD-schemes are usually quite good for validating malformed data. And to enforce a consistent format of data exchange (which is the entire point of xml) You'd be correct that any further validation of what sort of data you want allowed would need to be internal. (Unless you included some bounds of the date that you'd allow, but I'm not sure on the specifics of this one)
  3. I would recommend adding the code that makes what's inside the pictures.
  4. I haven't used Python as a web backend before, so I'm not exactly the best person to consult on that. So why are you considering this feature? I don't think that its a feature that will be actively noticed from user to user. What's the plan?
  5. Click the triangle to start the spinning! (In this example) Rotation going... right?? Do you mean clockwise? Well uh, have at it then <style> @keyframes rotation { from { transform: rotate(0deg); } to { transform: rotate(359deg); } } #triangle-up { width: 0; height: 0; border-left: 50px solid transparent; border-right: 50px solid transparent; border-bottom: 100px solid red; animation: rotation 0.5s infinite linear; } </style> <div id="triangle-up"></div>
  6. To add any additional validation code would dilute the example being taught here, which is the use of HTML attributes as validation. Ideally you want the various validation methods to be separate when learning, so you can understand the effects of each method of validation.
  7. What browser are you attempting to use for this? Fullscreen=yes is only supported in Internet Explorer.
  8. This is a speculative post based on my observations. It looks like rather than being constrained by any number of characters, it looks like the date format just instead needs to be delimited as allowed in the format. The letter examples seem to be merely common representations of how it is outputted. In terms of what CC means, I believe it might be referring to the century, rather than the standard year. I suspect that this might also be valid as a DateTime 1-1-1T1:1:1.1 and conversely 999999999-12-31T23:59:59.999999999999 See if you can check the above also. I'd be interested to see if there's a limit. I imagine if there isn't an arbitrary limit, the only limiting factor would be the max length of a string that is allowed to be put in.
  9. I'm not able to reproduce this, the code looks fine. Can you test this code on its own? <style> a[href^="mailto"]:link:before { content: " < "; } a[href^="mailto"]:link:after { content: " > "; } </style> <a href="mailto:xxxxx@hotmail.com">xxxxx@hotmail.com</a>
  10. The simple answer is no. You won't be able to win this one with only HTML. You'd definitely need a server side language to track what timestamp the audio is at. Minimum. I haven't played too much with media streaming so I wouldn't be able help tackle that challenge.
  11. You can always override styles by adding either a style element or in line. If you'd like to play with some styles, in-file styling is always a good way to do so. You can see the CSS tutorial to see about which CSS style methods override others. If you wish to find out what styles are being applied to a given element, you can always use the browser element inspector. Most browsers will allow you to right click and "inspect element" and allow you to view the styles that are being applied. They also allow you to change those styles live in the browser for preview and tweaks of distances for margins and the like.
  12. You may want to re copy your code using the forum code block feature. Your [ i ] in your code has been eaten by the formatter.
  13. Funce

    icon var

    The HTML code doesn't seem complete. Where is the Header and Title parts of the page in your HTML? What classes are applied to them?
  14. Just so you know, the LIMIT keyword indicates the number of rows to output. In this case, it is including Row 0 (first row) up to (but not including) Row 25 (26th row). Its quite common for it to be added to SQL browsers such as phpmyadmin and others. Just so if you have 70k rows (like I work with) you don't kill your program trying to look at all of them.
  15. Is this the layout of your files? [THIS_DIR] [THIS_PAGE] content.html (first example) folder content.html (second example) folder content.html (third example)
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