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  1. Funce

    Issue extending class

    No worries, but if you put a check in SecondClass, you're undermining the point of using classes. It makes SecondClass on its own (and anything else that inherits from it) have more baggage.
  2. Funce

    Issue extending class

    Empty constructors aren't inherently bad. I wouldn't see an issue with it.
  3. Funce

    Issue extending class

    Would the ThirdClass be inheriting the SecondClass' constructor, and infinitely trying to make new instances of ThirdClass?
  4. Funce

    equation solver

    Are you sure this is solvable, there's too little data for me to figure, ax + by = gcd(a, b) where a = 210, b = 65 Creates a geometric line of 42x + 13y = 1. You're going to need another equation to solve this one. There's a missing piece.
  5. Funce

    equation solver

    One: Have you posted this in the right place? I don't think this forum solves algebra... You'll need another equation to be able to solve that absolutely, but in integer terms x = 13n + 9, y = -42n - 29, n ∈ ℤ
  6. Funce

    Data Retrieval - Sundry Formats

    Taking a look through the Matomo docs also reveals JSON to be a valid alternative. I would recommend it due to its simplicity. json_decode() is an inbuilt function specifically for dealing with JSON.
  7. Funce

    getting dynamic data for one tab only

    I don't know how your server-side works (nor am I proficient in C to use it otherwise) so I wouldn't be able to help regarding that half, but the idea is below: You'd need to look into a JSON library for C, or otherwise string manipulate all the values into a big JSON object string. Then you can output the string as a response.
  8. Funce

    font size 62%

    Why does this matter? If you're using em or rem you're not after specific sizes, just proportional differences.
  9. Funce

    font size 62%

    You're missing the fact that 14px isn't always bigger than 1.4rem. 14px is bigger than 1.4em when the base(html) font-size is less than or equal to 10px. Try this one instead. Your scenario has other factors in play. It has a base of 11px and is a noticeable difference between the two. Be sure to try changing the html font-size to 9px and see what happens in this example. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <style> html { font-size: 11px; } body { font-size: 1.4rem; } p { font-size: 14px; } </style> </head> <body> <p>This is size 14</p> This is size 1.4rem </body> </html>
  10. Funce

    Resizable side bar

    Could you link the particular Tryit you have in mind?
  11. Funce

    getting dynamic data for one tab only

    You could track which one the user has clicked by using a variable. Send that along with your request for data, and make sure your server only sends back the data for that one page. You'll just also need to send a request when the user clicks on a new tab (so they don't see the old data) in addition to the interval requests.
  12. Funce

    drop down value print for dynamic data

    If you're asking how do I update my select to be populated with server values: Scenario: <select> <option value="[serverValue]">[ServerName]</option> </select> Its not going to be pretty. In this scenario if you wanted to (on the fly) change what this select is you'll need to: Need to manually change the InnerHTML property, remember which one was selected, stop the refresh while the user has the dropdown open. This is also non-standard and I do not recommend it. (NOTE: If this only needed to be populated on page load, I suggest a preprocessing language like PHP, or otherwise) If you're asking for a server value based on what is selected, ie select 'temperature' get 60F or whatever it is at the time, then you may want to have a look at sending values. This would be better. <select name="action"> <option value="temperature">Temperature</option> <option value="height">Height</option> </select> You would then receive the value from the server based on what you sent to the server. Here's a good link for that: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Learn/HTML/Forms/Sending_forms_through_JavaScript
  13. Funce

    onclick disabled button

    Is it necessary for it to be actually disabled? Is there an aversion to just making it just appear disabled? You could just apply a class, to change the styling, and as a condition for different logic is used when pressed. element.classList.contains("lookDisabled"); I don't want to get into the CSS of such an endeavour, but you should be able to figure it out easily enough.
  14. Funce

    Woocommerce dropdown menu

    Can you confirm that there are no PHP errors in your footer? This may prevent additional processing from occurring Does your Footer import in any JavaScript? This may overwrite other JavaScript that your header relies on. Other than that, it just looks like that a click event isn't being bound to the button that reveals everything. But its hard for me to say, all the JS has been optimized to the point its unreadable. I would suggest going onto a WordPress Forum for people who will be able to help you with customizing WooCommerce. This forum doesn't exactly have very many people familiar with WordPress' ins and outs. Not to mention the infinitesimal amount of plugins available.
  15. Funce

    Woocommerce dropdown menu

    What are you testing it on? I've tried testing it on my mobile, and in my dev tools. Hasn't came up with anything obvious. Are the links not functional? Does it not reveal itself correctly? Check your file caching limits, do a hard refresh. You may be running on old cached version of your JavaScript. My boss gets tripped up on that one all the time.