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    How to connect css html and js ?

    There's a lot of errors in your code: JS Variable names can't have .'s in them. Make them like p_tgh createElement literally creates an element of that type. This isn't the behaviour you desire. <p.tgh></p.tgh> CreateTextArea is used before its defined, switch the two script blocks around. Your text is 'undefined' due to the fact you call CreateTextArea() without any arguments. Which means the text variable is undefined. If you want to add default text (for when you click the button) you'll need to change the buttons. onclick=CreateTextArea("Sample Text") Why are you calling the functions createTextArea and createArticleHeader on their own? HTML You're missing a closing <div> (I placed the closing div right before closing body) CSS Class Styling uses a . in CSS. Using p,ah styles ALL <p> and ALL <ah> (which isn't a tag I've ever seen) Same with p,tgh You probably want p.ah which is for <p class="ah"></p>
  2. Funce

    How to connect css html and js ?

    A good reference page I could spy was here. https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_add_class.asp
  3. Funce

    Update SQL

    If your submit button isn't set, you would logically assume that no $_POST variables have been sent through. You would never have $_POST['taxi_radio'] defined.
  4. Funce

    Internet Explorer and a Mega Menu

    Hey its no worries. There's an alternative that I use regularly on my website when I need to use create consistent page headers/navigation/menus. It does exactly as you specify. If you create a php file (Or change an existing html file to a php one) you'll be able to take your home page and do this. <!-- index.php --> <div class="dropdown"> <a href="#">Links</a> <div class="dropdown-content"> <?php include "links.html"; ?> </div> </div> The only thing is you can't test php files straight from your file system. You'll only be able to see it on the website or a local server you've set up. (if your web host supports PHP even).
  5. Funce

    Internet Explorer and a Mega Menu

    I had a look around the website, and the only point of difference compared to other hover overs would be the fact its using an iframe. I did some research and I came across this StackOverflow question which looks accurate. https://stackoverflow.com/questions/43787495/iframehover-in-ie-and-edge-doesnt-work-as-expected What is the purpose of putting an iframe in? If its to include a given file in the HTML, may I recommend a server-side processing language such as PHP. I'd be pleased to assist you in setting this up. I love your website by the way!
  6. Funce

    Advantage SQL Date Issue

    This page has a list of data-types valid to advantage SQL http://devzone.advantagedatabase.com/dz/webhelp/advantage9.0/supported_statements/miscellaneous_functions.htm Probably looking for SQL_DATE
  7. Looking through the website again, I've noticed that the issue is no longer occurring for me. Perhaps you've fixed it? Inadvertently?
  8. As I've been playing around in your site, I've noticed that your 'missing divs' appear right as you're attempting to leave the particular section. I also noticed that when I attempted to come back to the section, it hid itself again. However, when I attempted to navigate to the 'same' section as the one I was in, all the 'missing divs' were there. The main one I've noticed is your services page, which when you navigate onto it, the x-card-inner div is set to a height of 16px, when you navigate off, it goes to 295px. Something is off in the JavaScript. Could you look into the theme page transitions? I suspect it might be something there.
  9. Funce

    Link to html accordion panel

    Link in what way? Add a hyperlink?
  10. Funce

    W3css Carosel - Include a php script ?

    Uh, I'm not sure if there is an option for plaintext input with formatting tags. However if you wish to insert code you can press the button that looks like `<>` to make it look nice. Example: <div class="mySlides w3-container"><a href="/todo#feedback" class="w3-bar-item w3-button w3-mobile">Feedback</a></div> <div class="mySlides w3-container"><a href="/todo#feedback" class="w3-bar-item w3-button w3-mobile">Contact us</a></div> -- PHP is a server side language, and is only processed when you load a page. If you have some invisible 'maintenance' programs to do clean up regularly, you might want to look if your host supports task scheduling. If you want 'live' updates(to affect the page your user is viewing), you'll want to create an AJAX request using JavaScript to query some data page (content.php maybe) which will run the processing you require. You could set this request to whenever your carousel turns, or whichever.
  11. First! Always check your inputs server-side! Clients can send you whatever the heck they want! The required attributes are good enough for people who wish to use your website legitimately, but you have to be careful of those who don't. To get what you desire, you'll want to create an AJAX request. Its not my usual tactic to hand out code, but if you want it HTML: <FORM NAME="Betrugseingabe"> <INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="Absenden" VALUE="Absenden" ID="Schaltflaeche1" ONCLICK="send_form();return false;"> JavaScript: function handle_response() { if(this.status == 200){ //Output Success or something? //Redirect? //Something happens if you don't error out } } function send_form() { var the_form = document.querySelector("form"); var formData = new FormData(the_form); var request = new XMLHttpRequest(); request.addEventListener("load", handle_response) request.open("POST", "../cgi-bin/DBinsert.php"); request.send(formData); } Disclaimer: Untested
  12. Funce

    text aside or below slideshow

    You've positioned your carousel absolutely so everything is ignoring its current location. If you remove that bit of styling, your text will start obeying your carousel dimensions, but you'll need some additional work to get it looking better.
  13. Funce

    range slider vertical

    Have you seen this? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/15935837/how-to-display-a-range-input-slider-vertically It seems to work rather well.
  14. Funce

    onsubmit for multiple functions

    Have you seen preventDefault? In conjunction with this SO answer should be simple enough to work out.
  15. You should be able to combine this with an on scroll instead of an on click.
  16. Funce

    Issue extending class

    No worries, but if you put a check in SecondClass, you're undermining the point of using classes. It makes SecondClass on its own (and anything else that inherits from it) have more baggage.
  17. Funce

    Issue extending class

    Empty constructors aren't inherently bad. I wouldn't see an issue with it.
  18. Funce

    Issue extending class

    Would the ThirdClass be inheriting the SecondClass' constructor, and infinitely trying to make new instances of ThirdClass?
  19. Funce

    equation solver

    Are you sure this is solvable, there's too little data for me to figure, ax + by = gcd(a, b) where a = 210, b = 65 Creates a geometric line of 42x + 13y = 1. You're going to need another equation to solve this one. There's a missing piece.
  20. Funce

    equation solver

    One: Have you posted this in the right place? I don't think this forum solves algebra... You'll need another equation to be able to solve that absolutely, but in integer terms x = 13n + 9, y = -42n - 29, n ∈ ℤ
  21. Funce

    Data Retrieval - Sundry Formats

    Taking a look through the Matomo docs also reveals JSON to be a valid alternative. I would recommend it due to its simplicity. json_decode() is an inbuilt function specifically for dealing with JSON.
  22. Funce

    getting dynamic data for one tab only

    I don't know how your server-side works (nor am I proficient in C to use it otherwise) so I wouldn't be able to help regarding that half, but the idea is below: You'd need to look into a JSON library for C, or otherwise string manipulate all the values into a big JSON object string. Then you can output the string as a response.
  23. Funce

    font size 62%

    Why does this matter? If you're using em or rem you're not after specific sizes, just proportional differences.
  24. Funce

    font size 62%

    You're missing the fact that 14px isn't always bigger than 1.4rem. 14px is bigger than 1.4em when the base(html) font-size is less than or equal to 10px. Try this one instead. Your scenario has other factors in play. It has a base of 11px and is a noticeable difference between the two. Be sure to try changing the html font-size to 9px and see what happens in this example. <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <style> html { font-size: 11px; } body { font-size: 1.4rem; } p { font-size: 14px; } </style> </head> <body> <p>This is size 14</p> This is size 1.4rem </body> </html>
  25. Funce

    Resizable side bar

    Could you link the particular Tryit you have in mind?