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    What is needed to make this form work?

    Thank you dsonsuk, I see what you are saying about 'name', 'email' and 'message'. I made those changes and added value="Submit" to my home page (hope that is what you meant), but even after looking through the php tutorials I can't figure out what else is needed.
  2. Deb

    What is needed to make this form work?

    Thank you for your quick response davej. I thought I was linking it to a page I named action_page.php. Now I have uploaded "form-to-email.php" and I get the following message, "error; you need to submit the form!Name and email are mandatory!"
  3. Hello! What is needed to make this form work? The answer may be obvious to most, but I have limited knowledge of html, css, and trying to understand php through the tutorials. I have tried searching similar questions but haven't been able to apply answers to my form. I have modified the form taken from the Parallax template and created a php page, but when I hit the SEND MESSAGE it goes to a 404 error page. I have the website up on a test site, http://debschneiderdesign.com/NextChapter/home.html#home Thanks, Deb <form action="/NextChapter/form-to-email.php" method="post" target="blank" > <div class="w3-row-padding" style="margin:0 -16px 8px -16px"> <div class="w3-half"> <input class="w3-input w3-border" type="text" placeholder="Name" required name="Name"> </div> <div class="w3-half"> <input class="w3-input w3-border" type="text" placeholder="Email" required name="Email"> </div> </div> <input class="w3-input w3-border" type="text" placeholder="Message" required name="Message"> <button class="w3-button w3-dark-grey w3-right w3-section" type="submit"> <i class="fa fa-paper-plane"></i> SEND MESSAGE</a> </button> </form>