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  1. How do we change/modify a style property within CSS body, ie. not in inline style, either CSS in style tag body or in external file, by using JavaScript?
  2. That's meant for client-side, user will be eased to always reply 'yes' in requesting on him
  3. How to command an end or finish in a javascript program/script
  4. How is the code/algorithm to automate yes-clicking cookies agreement anytime it requests ?
  5. How do we save a string, in javascript; var s='a sentence needs to be saved' into Windows text file on local HDD/machine THANKS IN ADVANCE.
  6. How??.. in newest Chrome.
  7. How to have url of offline/local web page can be affected by browser-injected javascript
  8. still not work; var frm = document.getElementsByTagName("iframe"); console.log('number of frame= '+ frm.length); On Chrome Devtool,
  9. I tried to insert an element into iframe so first I must retrieve it by var frm = document.querySelectorAll(iframe) but cannot work. How to succeed to insertion as easily as other ordinary elements? thank so much.