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  1. Funce, what editor are you using to check the file for errors?
  2. thanks for the feedback. I'm trying to monitor a tag that resides on my data logger. When the tag changes states I want to change the color of my pivatic line display.
  3. I've added the script below to the attached htm file but it doesn't seem to execute. not sure why. the tag 175 is mapped to a data logger I have and the htm file resides on it and displays the website. <script= text/javascript> var StopTimePivatic = [[175]]; if (StopTimePivatic != 0){ #b[[141]]{ style.background-color= silver; } } else{ #b80, #b81, #b82, #b83, #b84, #b85, #b86, #b87, #b88, #b89, #b90 { style.background-color = Yellow; style.color = black; } </script> infotest.htm
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