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  1. Dear all, I am using a slider to change an integer value. My question is how to write this changed value to a text file in my computer ? This is the code I use to change the value slider: <form name="lightValues"> <input type="range" name="lightInputName" id="lightInputId" value="1" min="1" max="20" onchange="getvalor(this.value);" oninput="lightOutputId.value = lightInputId.value"> <input size="1" type="text" name="lightOutputName" id="lightOutputId"></input> </form> Thanks for your help and support. Best regards,
  2. Ok, thanks Smus. Is it possible to do that with node.js ? If yes how ? Regards,
  3. Thanks Ingolme, So I can't call a shell script from Javascript. But from PHP it is possible, so why not whith Javascript ? I don't understand why, but it's ok, I will find a solution. I don't want to use PHP. May be there is another solution. Regards,
  4. Dear all, I managed a web interface under Linux/Apache. This interface must start and stop some shell scripts, through HTML buttons. My goal is to use just only one HTML button to do 3 actions: 1- Stop a shell script 2- Open a new HTML page 3- Start a new shell script So, usually, I will drive it like this: <script language="javascript"> function button() { function1(); function2(); function3(); } </script> But my problem is what kind of Javascript function is able to start and stop a shell script ? I found various answer with PHP, but I don't want use it ! Just HTML/JAVASCRIPT. Can you please help me ? Thank you for your support and help. Best regards,
  5. Dear all, Using a small webpage for my app, I am confused because I don't how to stop the function I did. I am using a C++ program which grab pictures in a file. I read the file and update it each 2 seconds. The functions I used are: <script language="javascript"> function updateImage() { obj = document.imagename; obj.src = obj.src + "?" + Math.random(); setTimeout("updateImage()",2000); } </script> <script language="javascript"> function showPicture() { var sourceOfPicture = "/home/tux/Prog/Medias/Images/calib1.png"; var img = document.getElementById('bigpic') img.src = sourceOfPicture.replace('90x90', '225x225'); img.style.display = "block"; } </script> And I call them like this: <h1>Camera Preview</h1> <button onclick="showPicture()">Start Preview</button><br><br> <body onload="updateImage()"> <img style="display:block;" id="bigpic" src="bigpic" name="imagename" width="340" height="240"> Can you tell me how can I do to add a "stop" button to stop the update, and conserving the last image on screen ? Thank you for your help and support. Best regards,
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