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  1. thanks - yes, I understand that n is the Parameter in that function - the Point is: in the whole Code for that slide nowhere n is getting any value - there is never defined any concrete value for that n e. g. showSlides(3) like in your example - so how compare that n in the IF-Question? n must have a value - I know - otherwise this script wouldn't work, but I can't figure out where it comes from.
  2. Hello, as a relative new beginner I don't get a full understanding of the working of this functions below concerning the creation of a Slideshow (https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_slideshow.asp ). Especially how the "n" is initially defined: what is the first value for n in this example? In the function showSlides(n) there is the IF-request: if (n > slides.length ….) - but what is the value for n at this Point? I can't find any start value for this n line n = 1 - so how can IF decide this comparison? Thanks
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