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  1. Maybe I'm a total noob, and if so then so be it, but I cannot figure out why the\is script won't run when called. It can be found here http://aeoliankitesurfing.com/sp3.html and what I'm trying to do is apply a discount coupon to a paypal button. What should happen is: - Enter coupon code "Aeolian" into box Enter Coupon code [coup1] &gt; <input type = "text" size = "10" name = "coupcode"; /> - Click"Check It" Button which calls ChkCoup() to check if it's valid - Notification Pops Up <input type="button" value="Check It" onclick="coupval = this.form.coupcode.value; ChkCoup();" /> -Coupon is applied and the Paypal Site opens What actually happens - You Click "Check It" and nothing happens... I places an alert at the beginning of the ChkCoup() script and this does not pop up. I think the script is never called. Can someone please take a look and see what I missed? Why won't the script run?! Eternally Grateful Aeolus of Aeolia -Ruler of the Aeolians and Master of the Wind
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