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  1. Hello and thank you. I have one table (Tasks Table) which contains tasks information, skills and durations. The idea is to schedule these task considering skill availability and current loading per time unit. Selecting a row of this Task Table brings up the Availability/Loading information for that skill set clicked on. This is purely summing duration by selected skill and date and will be presented in a second table. In this second table I would like also a selection box which allows changing the skill set directly instead of clicking on the table row. I am very new to the web development, mysql, PHP etc. I have build this years ago in Excel and would like now to make an improved version as a web application. Right now I am trying to get a direction in my head which way to go with this, what is possible what is not. Been using internet search and books to help me with that. I guess what I struggle most with is the PHP Server, Javascript (Client) concept. Thanks again.
  2. Hello, how would I change the ..."SELECT DISTINCT OWC FROM cmsExport ORDER BY OWC ASC;" ......OWC in mysql query to a value coming from a html select, selection value on my webpage? Can that be done? Sorry, been using HTML/PHP for my SELECT. Thanks heaps!
  3. Thank you for your help. I did as you said and found the options to be "nothing". This was due to me getting the array wrong. $row1[1] instead of $row1[0]. Now it's working fine. Thanks again!
  4. Hello, I have a select tag which shows the dropdown but no entries visible. If I change the option to another field the drop down increases or decreases in size but no entries visible. The options are from PHP/mysql. I checked font color and background color. I checked the sql statement works directly in phpMyAdmin which it does. The size and option no in the dropdown seems right, just can not see any. I am sure it is just something silly. Any Ideas please?
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