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  1. Can you brief me on that?Here are my sample codeServer side html document:<title>CGI:IRC Login</title></head><body onLoad="setjs();document.loginform.submit()"><form method="get" action="irc.cgi" name="loginform"><form type="hidden" name="interface" value="nonjs"><input type="hidden" name="Nickname" value="Temp"></form></body></html>Client side variableUsernameI want to assign this "Username" to "loginform.nickname.value".Please let me know if you need some more info on that.Thanks!!!
  2. NO, its not stored as CGI session variable.The variable is on the client side, for instance, the user id could be used by any other app inside my web. The click of button in the website will launch the URL for IRC;I just dont get how to get this info(user id) to the CGI file that sits on the server.I know i can send it as query string along with the url, but i want to know if its possible to embedded this one in the html form information that is submitted to the CGI fileThanks again.
  3. I got the user id from the database and stored it onto a variable.I connect to IRC through an URL.The URL hits an HTML file which triggers the CGI file,Is there any way that i can pass the User ID to the HTML form, so i can submit the same to the CGI.Thanks!!!
  4. I configured the CGI IRC successfully and integrated into my website.I would like to pass the login userid of my website as the nickname.It uses the default nickname from the index file i created.I want to use the userid of the user in my website to be the nickname for the IRC.Can someone help me in configuring the same?Thanks a lot!!
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