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  1. nav bar

    yea but i can study what u give me then ill learn it and thats godd enough right? yea i already got 1 but thanks anyway+
  2. flashing pics

    sorry i just got a little mad gause i couldnt find it and sorry about what i said in my new post "nav bar"
  3. nav bar

    whats the code for the nav bar. PLEASE NO COMMENTS ABOUT HOW NOOBISH I AM I JUST WANT THE CODE!!!!thanks
  4. flashing pics

    oh ill do it l8tr im busy now
  5. flashing pics

    actualy it costs 24 bucks and i aint paying that
  6. cheating in HTML?

    thank you
  7. cheating in HTML?

    oh like free webs
  8. cheating in HTML?

    but upload it to where?
  9. flashing pics

    what ever im so noobish its not even funny im gonna use a program called splash html that gives me the code
  10. cheating in HTML?

    dude you are like the best person ever thanks so much for the code dude i got another question. can i have a file from my hard drive when i upload it or do i have to have the <a href= "blah.com"> blahblah </a> to like a link that has a vid i uploaded on like putfile or something? can it just be n my comp? and sorry i am just starting out in html.
  11. flashing pics

    k i watch the tutorials for your F$%#in information!!! but that doesnt tell you notin on slide shows
  12. flashing pics

    yea but refer to my thread "cheating in html" that is onsidered cheating
  13. Favourite html editors...

    wow im really old to i use notepad
  14. flashing pics

    whats the code for flashing pictures like something that shows dif ads in blank seconds
  15. site concept

    yea you noticed my UN is trigun well trigun is a anime show