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  1. P.S. The beautiful singer was, "Helmut Lotti".
  2. The quotation as I know it was, "He that defends himself in court, has a fool for a lawyer". To enable background sound is quite simple, ie, <bgsound src="music/waltzingmatilda.wma">, I used this in my website and it was beatiful, it is now not online so you can't check it, it only worked with IE, but that was 12 months ago.Cheers,Bill Whicker.
  3. You have misquoted, B/F said "He that defends himself in court, has a fool for a lawyer".
  4. Hi Masroor, Learn BASIC, that's a computer language and it's simple to learn, I learnt it and I am now 81..!Bill.
  5. Hi Mikey, that equates to 'My Key', you sure your name is not Mickey, can't put a question mark here, my shift is stuffed, like someone to tell me how to fix it, not the keyboard, it's maybe the bios or a re-installation job, and sod it, I haven't got the motherboard CD. A word on your Turkey, a dryer meat I never came across, worse that Kangaroo, other than that, Halloween is an American institution, they are trying to institute it here, God forbid, it's a bloody menace, don't be too hard on me, you know it has got very bad aspects to it.Cheers,Bill, Sydney NSW AUSTRALIA. P.S. YOU CAN CATCH me on hhtp;www.aussiepiepress.com, CHANGE THE SEMI TO A COLON, or facebook/bill whicker.
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