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  1. Just some Guys!!! You are a great guy indeed. You solved my problems and I am grateful. God will also solve your own problems by his grace. What I meant by making sure it is available on the web is that I thought the page was from your own web site, and you know people keep editing their web pages everyday and I was afraid you may want to remove a content for the other so I wanted to make sure you left the content of that web page for me at least just for one day but whaoo!!! upon testing the code once again carefully, I got my problems solved. Thanks so much for all your efforts so far. Please be sure I would also refer other problems to you if they arise.You are great and great is your potentials.I Love You.
  2. Yeah I think I can get some help here. Let me now carefully study it. God bless you Just some guys. I would still return to you. If I still get error messages, I would come back to you and if not, I would come back to say thank you. Right now, I want to go and sleep and when I am back tomorrow, I would now work with the article you forwarded to me. Please do help me to make sure it is still available on that web page.
  3. Thanks everybody. I am grateful Justsomeguys. Based on your suggestions, I removed the code line; on error resume next and the error report I got is; "Microsoft JET Database Engine (0x80004005)Operation must use an updateable query." pointing to the line where I typed; "conn.Execute sql,recaffected" I think it is that line of code that is causing the error or can it be that there is something wrong with the database? I have edited the code several times and what I now have is the database name is still Contacts.mdb, the table is now called PhoneNum, the fields are Id, Name, PhoneNo and everything reflected accurately in the demo_add.asp page. What do you think I might have done with the database? How can I correct the line of code "conn.Execute sql,recaffected"? Is there any way I can skip that line or what is the appropriate code I can type there?I would be happy if I can get your reply again soon.Thanks and God bless
  4. Please I am in a great confusion here right now. Please if you will assist me; write a code to access an ms database called "Contacts" with a table called "Phone_Numbers" with three fields named; id, name and foneno. None of the fields is a primary key (Or is that the error?). So, ignoring my own code completely, write a code to add a record to that database assuming the database is located in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\My_Web\Example\Contacts.Please I am very sorry if I am asking for so much but I would be glad if you do.
  5. I have problem adding a record into my database from a web browser. I have written the html page and the action page as follows;Here is the form code:<html><body><form method="post" action="demo_add.asp"><table><tr><td>S/No:</td><td><input name="id"></td></tr><tr><td>Name:</td><td><input name="name"></td></tr><tr><td>Phone Number:</td><td><input name="foneno"></td></tr></table><br /><br /><input type="submit" value="Submit"><input type="reset" value="Reset"></form></body></html>and here is the form action code (demo_add.asp):<html><body><%set conn=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")conn.Provider="Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0"conn.Open "C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\My_Web\Example\Contacts.mdb"set rs=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.recordset")sql="INSERT INTO Phone_Numbers (id,name,"sql=sql & "foneno)"sql=sql & " VALUES "sql=sql & "('" & Request.Form("id") & "',"sql=sql & "'" & Request.Form("name") & "',"sql=sql & "'" & Request.Form("foneno") & "')"on error resume nextconn.Execute sql,recaffectedif err<>0 thenResponse.Write("No update permissions!")elseResponse.Write("<h3>" & recaffected & " record added</h3>")end ifconn.close%></body></html>Each time I try to add a record from the browser, it would retrurn the error message (No Update Permission).Please I want folks to help me look carefully at the code and tell me all the possible errors in the code. Thanks
  6. steveaj


    the example below describes how one can send email with cdosys;<%Set myMail=CreateObject("CDO.Message")myMail.Subject="Sending email with CDO"myMail.From="mymail@mydomain.com"myMail.To="someone@somedomain.com"myMail.TextBody="This is a message."myMail.Sendset myMail=nothing%>will it work when the myail.To field contains something like; request.form("eadress").Now what I am trying to ask is that; in the form, you already have a field where the visitor should input his email address and and the name of the field according to how I design it is "eadress", it is intended that as soon as he submit his form an email should be sent to his email address, will it work if you do it the way I described above? If not what is the alternative method? I wrote the above code in the form action (the page the form is going to be submitted to) and I substituted the myMail.To field with what I described but I don't know if its going to work since i have not published itI thank all those who used to contribute to my questions. People like aspnetguy, just some guys etc. I love you all.Steve
  7. Thank you alot just some guys for that psychological relief you gave me. I would now contact the two recommended hosting service providers now. I love you. Thanks.Steve
  8. Thank you alot Just some guys. The question I now have is that, the commercial hosting service providers would have a pre-designed email system which you I would have to create a link from my web page, is that so? Please sorry for bothering you once again. Just help me through more light on it. It is because a hosting service provider I contacted told me that I have to do all the developing myself and theirs is just to host it. I then became profoundly confounded as to the type of code I would have to write to give me an email system.Thanks in anticipation
  9. Please I need an urgent help on finding solution to email setup.Well my story is very long and pathetic, there are several things that led me to pursuing a career in website developing which I can't express them now. Well I've all these days pursued the career vigorously and I have got to an exciting stage. I now want to go out there and look for contracts and probably I might also have a means of sustaining myself but there is one litle thing tying me down. That is because any company that's going to need a website designed by me would also need an email system whereby there will be able to subscribe all their staff and get company email system for them. This I have been trying to do all this while and I've not got any major breakthrough in that aspect but I am optimistic that this mail would bring the luck and the favor I need my way. I know this is a special help for someone in desperate need of that help and I would be happy if someone can come to my aid and help me out of this present predicament. My email address is thenameofthelordistobepraised@yahoo.co.uk just what I need is to know how to set up an email system. Should anyone wish to speak to me on phone, my phone number is 2348052936201. Hoping to hear from someone soon and God will bless you all.Steve
  10. steveaj

    Writing my asp codes

    Alex, it may sound like a stupid question to you because you know it and you don't have problem with it but I don't know it, I am very sure that if i get over this problem I am not going to have any coding problem because I understood all I've read in the asp tutorial on this website and other websites. I tried to write the <%Response.write("Hello World")%> which you asked me to write and make sure all instructiion in the asp tutorial was followed but still it doesn't work. Please if there is any hint you will want me to know please help me.Steve
  11. steveaj

    Writing my asp codes

    Please just as you all know, I am a newbie. I have been trying to write my first asp codes to view what I have inputed and to know areas where I will need to put more effort just like I did when I was studying html, javascrip and css. All my effort to view my first asp page was in vain.I want to quickly explain what I did that yielded no result. First, I went on the internet and look for iis manager which I was able to get and download from microsoft website. I installed the iss manager and then wrote my first asp code, I save it with .asp extension and I open my web browser (Microsoft Internet Explore 6) and on the address bar I typed http://localhost/myWeb/form.asp That was because the name of the file is form.asp and I first created a folder in the wwwroot folder and the folder is called myWeb. So when I tried the above method, it proved abortive, I still could not see my first asp page.The next thing I did was that I went and bought Win XP Professional cd (which is the os I have on my machine) I installed iis from windows component thinking I have done the utmost thing but still I couldn't view my first asp page. All I have been doing all this while was only to read and understand and I have been understanding everything I am reading from the asp tutorial but it's just to view the asp page that matters now and it's like I cannot move futher from here because of that problem. I wanted to continue studying other things like sql, ado but I still discovered that most sql codes are used in ado and ado isanother form of asp. As the files are still saved with the .asp extension I still have problem accessing it. Please somebody should help me out so that I can still continue in my chosen career. For more than a week ago, I have not studied anything new because of this problem. Please let somebody tell me the exact thhing I still need to do which has not been done. As for the asp tutorial which I studied, I have done all the tutorial said I should do but if there is anyone I failed to do correctly please let somebody help me out so that I can still continue in my studying.Thank you all in anticipation.Steve Jacobs
  12. Thanks so much for the prompt reply. I now have a strong conviction that I have people who can support me in becoming a webmaster in this forum. I was just studying the ADO tutorial and I have seen the various ways sql languages was used. I have studied ms access before and I am good in it. Now with the sql I have studied, the ms access which I have known before and ado that I am currently studying from the w3school website, I hope to become a proficient webmaster and I will always ask if I have another question. But the ADO tutorial answered some of my questions.Once again, thanks alot.Steve
  13. Please I am Steve Jacob. I read through the sql tutorial in the w3s website, but unlike other tutorials found there which are very much easy and self explanatory, sql is not as I thought it is, though the syntax is the simplest in all programming languages I've learnt but more explanation is still needed on it. How do we use the sql language in web development? How do we install an sql compiler (if it exist) or software we can use in writting sql language on our computers? You will see that in other tutorials found in w3school website, all those explanations are given but not with sql. Please I will be happy if somebody can help me out.If you want to have a personal contact with me, my email address is thenameofthelordistobepraised@yahoo.co.ukThank you all expecially those who are going to contribute to bail me out. If you feel there are other articles which will be of important help to me, please do refer me to them.Steve
  14. steveaj

    Designing a forum

    Hello I am Steve Jacobs I want somebody to help me. I want to design a forum like this can somebody help me to give me the code needed to do it?Steve
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