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  1. How can I put blur on the image?

    What image in div, div with background-color, image with opacity and blur? how difficult can that be?
  2. How can I put blur on the image?

    What if you place image in div, give div background color/s (gradient), then use opacity and blur for image.
  3. Looking for Direction

    I don't understand why you would chat to someone with this posters username, if you had a problem with mine? much worse.
  4. W3.CSS Layout - borders doubling up between rows

    .w3-cell-row { margin: auto; margin-top: 0; width: 79%; border-collapse: collapse; /* margin-bottom: -10px;*/ } .w3-cell { background-color: #fff; border: 5px solid #00c; /* margin-bottom: -10px;*/ border-bottom: none; } .w3-cell-row:before, .w3-cell-row:after { content: none; } .w3-cell-row:last-child {border-bottom: 5px solid #00c;}
  5. Looking for Direction

    These days it would be better to store each item details in a database, including image path, then use server script language (PHP, ASP.Net) to loop though these items placing them in a specific html layout. You can then manipulate the data to whatever you require before displaying it. Most things that don't involve a event such click, can be done through css3, otherwise JavaScript is required. You really shouldn't use tables anymore, because you need a responsive layout that will go from example: 4 columns to 1 column for smaller devices, which tables are incapable of doing easily.
  6. How to upload website to server

    You should retrieve this info from your host, I and no one here, can give you that information, if they could, theycould turn your site into any unsavoury website you can imagine.
  7. How to upload website to server

    Like I said! you will be provided with username and password to access your hosts FTP, you log in, and it will show on the right your website folder to upload your files to, and on the left the files from your operating system folder, then select files you wish to upload or select upload all. ??? as you would normally pay for something, credit or debit card, its extremely unlikely they will take livestock for payment. Note: If you intend to use a server language script such as windows(ASP.net most likely more expensive) or Linux (PHP), you need to make sure you choose the correct package. Both will run plain HTML files, anything else using server script you will have to select a package that will work with the server script you intend to use.
  8. HTML 5.

    That's alright I will officially ignore you in responding to further topics in this forum. bye good luck.
  9. HTML 5.

    You are in the wrong when you made that assumption, evil consumed you into thinking it meant what you thought, say 3 hail Mary's, and we'll leave it at that! David Sones UK. And stop quoting all these proverbs, I'm not interested. religion is the main cause of trouble in this world.
  10. How to upload website to server

    Get a free or paid web hosting provider, you will need sort out name of site when creating website at web hosting company. You should then be given a FTP address to your website folders, then upload your files using FTP program such as 'FileZilla' using FTP username and password to access your website folder/s.
  11. HTML 5.

    I should look up w3schools tutorial on media queries, they use pixels to represent different device width, which adjust the column layout from two column to single column, from normal dropdown to a burger menu dropdown, by using percentages in this case it wont be able to adjust because 30% is non fixed width, it changes as viewport width changes, and so it will never take effect. The name is not disrespectful name, in your mind you might think it may disrespectful but that is your mind giving way to misguided thoughts of somthing that does not exist, so i suggest you keep your thoughts to yourself and keep it shut until you know the facts.
  12. XML not working - can't see what's wrong

    '&' on its own is not allowed in xml, use & instead, also to ref each item through loop you have to use x[i] as well
  13. HTML 5.

    You have nav element with max-width of 160px; the image with width: 100%; will only extend to available width of its parent I.E 160px; by adding inline styling of 616px, you are extending image width beyond that of the nav element it is in. To be responsive you should use percentages not fixed width with pixel units, and then media queries to stack each column above each over with width 100%; for smaller devices.
  14. Multiple Slideshows on one page

    This is similar to another topic http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/topic/57048-need-two-slideshows-—-both-with-arrow-and-dots/?tab=comments#comment-313452
  15. w3 slider - multiple sliders on one page

    The slideIndex will always be 1; When function called var slideIndex = 0; then further on slideIndex++;
  16. Default should Hide and Click should Display

    1) Anything using below class will use pointing finger cursor .style1 { font-family: Verdana; font-size: 10pt; text-align:justify; cursor:pointer; } 2) You said Which means you would have to apply this styling class name to container element, which would either be a Paragraph, or Anchor, or Strong element that surround the text ' Click to Read More'. BUT! you have applied class name to This is outside the scope of what you are trying to target, its scope starts from opening span <span class="style1"> and finishes at </span>, all the text "W3Schools is a popular web site for learning web technologies online.[2] Content includes tutorials and references relating to..." will have the pointer cursor, but anything outside this will work as default styling, which is what is happening to anchor text you are attempting to target, because its outside '<span class="style1">....</span>' scope.
  17. CSS accordion

    IF we ARE talking about the icons + and arrow, they are produced using css which is also used to rotate the icons, if you do not include this and apply to a element using its class, you won't see any of these icons or it rotation.
  18. CSS accordion

    This page take so long to load, I should think users would die of old age before it finishes loading, and its stutters or jumps up and down when scrolling, its so annoying. As far as I can tell, you don't have css to add icon IF you mean plus sign and arrows?
  19. Default should Hide and Click should Display

    IF you want the pointer to appear when anchor hovered over? Then would it not be a good idea to add the class to anchor and not to span element encasing text just before it!
  20. They are within a paragraph that has its own set line height by default, that the child element are within, that is what needs adjusting.
  21. website url edit

    But! you are already putting most of link in the code anyway, if its just changing image number difference anyway? You have to identify if images exist, before initiating next or previous showing of images, identify when to stop or return to start to loop again. You could store all the number image file names in array, and loop through those, but these would require someone manually adding to array by hand.
  22. jscript 'continue' description incorrect

    Then why does it skip the loop targeted, and continue with the rest in this example https://www.w3schools.com/js/tryit.asp?filename=tryjs_continue
  23. website url edit

    That is mainly done by using JavaScript https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_slideshow.asp but you may need to ask permission before using another sites images first.
  24. zclass?

    That is why I gave the answer in previous post to make it work, read it!
  25. zclass?

    That is an error, there is no such attribute as 'zclass'. Remove it completely, and it will work with just id="main"