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    Link to html accordion panel

    You use the url to that accordion effect with the bookmark hash < a href="theurloftheepageyouwanttogoto.html#firstlocation">click here to see the first location</a https://www.w3schools.com/code/tryit.asp?filename=FZA3F31CHH20 paste above code in place of what's here https://www.w3schools.com/w3css/tryit.asp?filename=tryw3css_accordion_active Now in the address bar add #bookmarkword to the end of url and press enter. This will represent the url with hash link from another page. Hit run Change hash to #bookmarkpara Hit run. it identifies where the bookmark is! transverses up the parent element containers <p>...</p>, <section>...</section>, <article>...</article> till it reaches a div element, set in the while loop condition. It takes the div elements id and runs the myFunction() using that id as a paremeter.
  2. dsonesuk

    Problem with unordered list with image bullets

    You use a reference that will distinguish nav bar unordered list from custom unordered list and lastly a default unordered list styling for nav bar /*default normal ul li styling*/ ul { /*yada yada yada */ } li{ /*yada yada yada */ } #navbar ul { /*yada yada yada */ } #navbar li { /*yada yada yada */ } #content .home { /*yada yada yada */ } #content .home li { /*yada yada yada */ }
  3. dsonesuk

    Link to html accordion panel

    Then on the accordion page you would check if hash appears in url. Then go to element with id reference representing by hash value and open the accordion panel it is in. https://www.w3schools.com/jsref/prop_area_hash.asp https://www.w3schools.com/jsref/prop_loc_hash.asp
  4. dsonesuk

    Link to html accordion panel

    With a hash at the beginning < a href="#firstlocation">click here to see the first location</a> Obviously these have to be in the same accordian panel to work without JavaScript.
  5. dsonesuk

    Link to html accordion panel

    Give paragraph or span surrounding the word a id ref. Then give a link a href attribute a value to that id ref beginning with hash '#' href="#idrefvaluename"
  6. dsonesuk

    HTML/Body height - 100% or auto?

    If you set height of body, html to 100vh they will not extend beyond current viewport height of devices orientation, whatever the content and will show content beyond this background image when scrolled If you set height of body, html to 100% they will extend to and beyond current viewport height only when content exceeds beyond that height of devices orientation and scroll along with extended background image. Now depending what you want! You could use background-attachment: fixed; with height: 100vh to prevent background image scrolling up with content to show content extending beyond this html, body height background image.
  7. dsonesuk

    Responsive Grid not working

    You haven't change anything? same number of columns, same proportional size, its is the same except different grid name, that won't change what it was originally scalling it down from desktop to mobile.
  8. CSS is presentational it wouldn't affect file-size? To overwrite previous defined css properties using !important, you can use a greater parent ref element, class or id, of which the latter would give higher precedence when used with current selector.
  9. dsonesuk

    NTP server time

    You can't "NTP Serv´╗┐er time", requires server language.
  10. dsonesuk

    W3css Carosel - Include a php script ?

    Your code is messed up because you are pasting it directly into into the panel and some code will be interpreted as formating for plain text resulting in the odd results you are experiencing. Either click the '<>' code button in the top menu or use [ code ] ... [/ code ] (without spacing) to surround your code, which will produce the same result as using '<>' menu button. Like this is created using '<>' menu button or [ code ] ... [/ code ] without spacing to show code properly.
  11. dsonesuk

    work with time and date

  12. dsonesuk

    How do I get a stable array

    Using '<>'(for inserting code) in the menu, or using [ code ] ...[/ code ] (without spacing) would prevent that! and make it easier to read. [ i ]....[/ i ] and [ b ]....[/ b ] (without spaces) is for manually making plain text that is not entered in code box italize and bold.
  13. dsonesuk

    W3 CSS & centering a table

    Just add .w3-auto{float:none;} To custom external file that's link sit below the w3 css file link.
  14. dsonesuk

    W3 CSS & centering a table

    Can't you simply add class of size you want such as 'w3-half' to table, then add margin: 0 auto;? Theres a class 'w3-auto' that gives you margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; so use that as well <table class="w3-table-all w3-half w3-auto"> /*yada yada yada */ </table> Should give 50% width of parent width and centred.
  15. dsonesuk

    Problem with array

    OK! Javascript reads any format applied color i.e textual, hex, rgb as rgb. With spaces applied. It will also use single '0' instead of '000'. but It will accept no-spaces, spaces before and after comma's when applying rgb color format. I have never done it this way before, I generally use a class name that applies the background color then I can check against that existing, then you don't have to worry about what colour format it is or what colour.
  16. dsonesuk

    File Upload W3S Code not working

    I don't understand why you don't use the exactly script code from tutorial, get it to work from that and then adjust from there to your needs. You also do not need to check for uppercase image file extensions because all extension are converted to lowercase beforehand.
  17. dsonesuk

    Problem with array

    doesn't make difference if you have space or not as long as they are identical when required for comparing one to the other to find a match.
  18. dsonesuk

    File Upload W3S Code not working

    When you deal with INPUT file type you use '$_FILES["xxxx"]' "xxxx" refers to name attribute value (which should be 'filenm' and nothing more) and must match that! Exactly! ALL index references for inputs on submission, refer to name attribute values which MUST exist. $_FILES["xxxxx"]["name"] Refers to name attribute value and the original name '["name"]' of the file that is going to be uploaded $_FILES["xxxxx"]["tmp_name"], Refers to name attribute value and a temporary name '["tmp_name"]' that will be a temporary copy of original file stored on server while its processed.
  19. dsonesuk

    Problem with array

    Although the rgb provides same colour, it's comparing text value for 'rgb(255,255,0)' to 'yellow' try using one or the other not both.
  20. dsonesuk

    Could you help me, please?

    I believe it's required for the random text to only show when animation cycle is over and panel is fully open only and not show random text on every click event during open or closing animation cycle.
  21. dsonesuk

    File Upload W3S Code not working

    Usually means it references a index value that does not exist when submission takes place. IE attribute name value for input type file, it must match exactly uppercase and lowercase characters.
  22. dsonesuk

    Links inside the same web

    Anchor links are inline element and should sit side by side by default. Only if they have been giving display: block; will they stack above one another OR if they are within a parent element that's width restricts the ability of the anchor links to sit side by side.
  23. dsonesuk

    finishing the school project

    Use a 'complete' option as described here http://api.jquery.com/slidetoggle/ to run a anonymous function that will trigger the random function AFTER the slide is complete. Then use if condition to check if element is visible before running it if($("#panel").is(":visible")){ //run code } You can clear the panel using if condition using if($("#panel").is(":hidden")){ //run code } To clear content ready for new when panel is closed and the next click event occurs.
  24. dsonesuk

    youtube example about Grid

    Look at my answers that start with 'IF', 'I don't understand?', 'Then give us a clue'. I try to cover all specific possible solutions to the vague question you ask. The video shows that deveopler used mixins, used Photoshop design image, show preview of page within a portrait view that would obviously give a view of page different from shown within video. I told you the extra long string of text was a problem, that would give you a layout from what was shown, but! You dismissed it! Later on IT was a problem. You said you added width and margin? Where? Vague again, and why? For what purpose! Vague again! It's always second guessing with you. And what is "comparnes"? In a word constant gibberish.
  25. dsonesuk

    Unable to horizontally center a card gallery

    Display: inline-block makes the elements act as text would and aligns as text would and is newer method to using float to align elements side by side.