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  1. The cookie value once set is only accessible once you go to another page OR reload the current page it was set in. They have always worked that way.
  2. No! It shouldn't make any difference. You either have a incorrect url to your external file, have not used required rel="stylesheet" for link element to stylesheet, have possible invalid css breaking the css following it. You did not clear history or cache before trying loading amended external css file. Note: the style tag is only required in html file NOT! External style sheet.
  3. You just add to you current external css file, no url path is required for this css, so there wouldn't be any problem.
  4. Alternative https://www.w3schools.com/howto/howto_js_fullscreen.asp
  5. .team-members { width: 25%; display: inline-block; padding: 3.8em; vertical-align: top; /* add this */ }
  6. As long as these two have css coding to copy, plagiarize they will do well in css web development.
  7. You may see possible usernames used but not passwords, if you saved usernames and passwords, to a specific url address. Anyone who can access this computer user account and goes to the same browser page your login credentials were saved, those will appear for that user, unless you use master password to access login credentials for that site. These are built into most browsers or you can use a addon such as lastPass. Bookmarks can also hold login details but not password, just user id. Either clear these from these addon, or browser cache as already mentioned, by selecting clear history and selecting saved login details option.
  8. Probably server language like php, probably with database mysql, probably with javascript OR a mixture of ALL! Probably. Depends WHERE this information is coming from.
  9. Browser cache, or if you use save login details in the browser itself usually setting->Privacy->Manage Logins. You can clear all these by making sure you select saved logins option (maybe under advanced) when clearing history.
  10. When you click, toggle the appearance of arrow by adding/removing a class to style as you require.
  11. Your Right! we should scrap the url, even though its been used that way since year dot, because you and only you don't know how to implement it correctly. 1) do you have a local server? 2) are the image and the document this CSS is used on, in the same directory? Then it should work!
  12. Requires PHP page, PHP server and echo of variable within php tags <?php ?>
  13. I can't access it, so if you provide relevant code we might be able to help.
  14. You have to provide the string to search through (haystack) AND the string to search for (needle), its telling you you only have the first. So you are looking through the haystack not knowing what the needle looks like.
  15. Try outer div container using position: relative; with div overlay and table within it. The div overlay and table must be sibling child elements for this to work! The overlay will use position: absolute; the table position: relative; give these a z-index so overlay overlaps table when required.
  16. The height of floated element is always there the ability for the container element to detect that height is the problem. ALL except elements using position: and specifically absolute or fixed will not wrap the text, however with some browsers when you don't use properties left, right, top, bottom which are usually used alongside position: and would be set as 'auto' by default will.
  17. Its always done that! Any floated element placed within a container element has no substance, so the container will collapse to height 0. Using property overflow reverses that condition for the container element.
  18. dsonesuk


    Showing the code would help, as were not mind readers.
  19. dsonesuk

    dropdown Menu width

    I wouldn't use a table as it's problematic when breaking down to a different column, row layout depending on device width, it also in effect loads twice! Once for table structure, second for content. All images and content should be done using percentages making responsive to whatever size of device, whose layout can be controlled further by media queries depending on device size.
  20. Some browers will use the .contentDocument Others contentWindow.document The browser will have fallback to use one OR the other depending if it is supported for that browser. innerDoc Will then equal the browser supported option to use from that point and onwards. The reason your code worked with the second condition having the wrong variable name, was because the first one was supported so it ignored the incorrect variable alternative. It would have been a problem if the browser did not support the first and attempted to use second, resulting in undefined error.
  21. The code after the variable are browser specific, if it is not supported for one it will use the other. DID YOU ADD, OR DID THE ELEMENT WITH name="USERNAME.DUMMY.DUMMY" have id="USERNAME.DUMMY.DUMMY"
  22. Should it not be var iframevar = document.getElementById("application"); var innerDoc = iframevar.contentDocument || iframevar.contentWindow.document; innerDoc.getElementById("USERNAME.DUMMY.DUMMY").value = "hello"; Notice variable reference after OR '||' . Also Do you actually have an Element with a id of "USERNAME.DUMMY.DUMMY"? all I see is name attribute with this value
  23. Because your code has not used menu code icon '<>' , the [ i ] (without spaces) within the for loop has been replaced as formatting code for italics.
  24. Javascript does not use ':=' to apply a value, only '='.
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