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  1. You need a container that will surround everything but the footer, this container should have min-height: 100%; the footer will have a negative top margin of the height of the footer. Finally give html, body height of 100%.
  2. Using bootstrap is overkill for very basic problem and would you mind stop replying to outdated already answered topics.
  3. Did you see the last tutorial on how to use multiple slideshows?
  4. With explorer it's probably because it does not use .matches() like other better browsers as mentioned here. http://w3schools.invisionzone.com/topic/56627-how-i-use-this-script-for-2-functions-same-works/?tab=comments#comment-311543
  5. dsonesuk

    Mega Menu

    https://www.w3schools.com/code/tryit.asp?filename=G5XCYZAJQEEI Will allow as many columns in single row. if you wanted to wrap after so many columns, you would have to set how many allowed on single row by setting percentage max width and flex, with flex-wrap in row. and also change justify-content. https://www.w3schools.com/code/tryit.asp?filename=G5XDBWDQA9PW
  6. Potato and knife? Banana and fork? Apple and spoon? Or maybe chalk and cheese. 😁
  7. Some editors would highlight incorrect mismatch of close/opening tags, and with some you can fold container elements to show if any misplaced close/opening tags exit. The same can be done when viewing page source through browser, usually mismatched tags are highlighted in red. Or validate at https://validator.w3.org/
  8. Using inspect when you hover over elements it shows the styling applied to these elements by colour coding of padding and margins applied and also in CSS panel what selector and line number, of the CSS file this selector is within. You can then determine which element gives you the wide spacing. You can even click the margin/padding values press up and down arrows on keyboard and watch the page adjust instantly until you get the spacing you require. Then its just the matter of changing the stying in CSS file to the same values. Maybe better to keep original values till you are happy by commenting them out using /* */ as in /* margin-bottom: 1.5em; old*/ margin-bottom: 1em; Another thing to look for is empty paragraphs 'p' tags or multiple 'br' tags which also cause spacing, it would just be a matter of removing 'p', 'br' tags or reducing the number of 'br' tags especially, but you shouldn't use these for spacing as that is what margins and padding are used for.
  9. It probably has nothing to with the title selector, but elements around it. You can identify what is producing the spacing by right clicking mouse on page and clicking 'inspect' or press f12 selectiing elements tab and clicking 'inspect' icon usually at top left corner. Note: font-size: should have value and unit.
  10. Why are you using $link ? That is database connection data, not database row values.
  11. Move $row = mysql_fetch_row ($Results) Above the while loop. By the way, the use of these old deprecated since 5.5 mysql (removed in 7) functions could be another problem.
  12. So basically which ever uses the animation first cancels out animation for the other, which suggests there is a conflict of both running the animation at same time.
  13. Seems 'html, body' is correct but for desktop only, 'window' is used for mobile devices. See here: http://blog.jonathanargentiero.com/jquery-scrolltop-not-working-on-mobile-devices-iphone-ipad-android-phones/
  14. The html element is the size of viewport area, that shows scrollbars when body extends beyond the viewport height, you make the body scroll to top of html, or to a specific element position, to be clear.
  15. This is on mobile, the image at first fits the viewport minus body default margin, as you scroll down the image area increases in height the image adjusts to this new height. Is this the stuttering you referred to? Using 100% height does not give true viewport height if margins or padding are used, using 100vh and 100vw might be a better option. media queries are used AFTER default css layout stying.
  16. It seems strange to have it for both html and body elements to me and thought it would cause the stuttering as they would conflict with each other. You haven't changed the default browser overflow stying for these elements have you?
  17. Test it stage by stage starting from end backwards 1)Test file manually entered text string for header. Done ->Works 2) Test file using variables for text string (WITHIN header function). 3) Class temporary return predefined text string values to be used for 2. 4) class processes as intended to return text string values identical to 3. Try to avoid any empty line breaks before header functions.
  18. Any output before header such as html, php echo will cause header to fail. So you need to have headers as the test file, then replace values with return class variables without! ANY echo.
  19. I should keep header code outside class, and retrieve the values from class to use in those headers.
  20. That uses all checkboxes?, you can select multiple checkboxes using the same name attribute value. With radio buttons using same name attribute value, only one can be selected at one time. With your original code place the php code at top. as <?php $checkboxCheckedAttr = "checked"; if(isset($_POST['ok'])) { $checkboxCheckedAttr = ""; var_dump($_POST['ok']); } html <input id="toggle-on" class="toggle toggle-left" name="toggle" value="y" onChange="this.form.submit();" type="radio" <?php echo $checkboxCheckedAttr ?>> At load because no submission of form and radio button value has taken place it will php will display "checked", after submission the php variable will show no attribute for checked. IF that's what you mean
  21. Use localstorage to store number of times the buutons were selected. With default being 0, the checked is used, greater than 0 checked remains removed.
  22. That is pure javascript you don't need to escape quotes. If it is produced through php as it is listed under php, then you need to supply more code that generated this.
  23. Call jquery function from outside surrounding the if/else condition with $('#birthday ').datepicker() ; Within the if condition itself.
  24. Using document.write is a problematic option to code with, you might also have problem with jquery function running before the element has rendered fully. Try placing code after html elements it is referring to.
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