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  1. niche

    Combining Select Queries

    My understanding is # is for comments
  2. niche

    Combining Select Queries

  3. niche

    Insert contact Page PHP file in html.

    where do define $from?
  4. niche

    Insert contact Page PHP file in html.

    What's in $_POST['Message']?
  5. niche

    Combining Select Queries

    Sounds like you want something like this: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/14907863/insert-data-from-one-table-to-another-in-mysql
  6. niche

    Insert contact Page PHP file in html.

    For starters, is the action really named index.php?
  7. niche

    Introduce Yourself

    Look forward to your questions!
  8. niche

    insert csv into mysql problem

    this might help https://stackoverflow.com/questions/18342730/import-csv-file-with-php-using-pdo
  9. niche

    insert csv into mysql problem

    Great point!
  10. niche

    insert csv into mysql problem

    Why not use LOAD DATA?
  11. https://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_alter.asp Then, use the CONCAT_WS keyword
  12. niche

    registry backup

    Experience tells me that If i'm thinking about restoring the registry, I'm probably going to get unexpected consequences. So, I'll probably just reinstall the system and get a good night's sleep. Having the backup is one thing. Using it is another.
  13. niche

    registry backup

    I agree that it's a bad idea. EDIT: I would opt for a fresh install.
  14. https://www.w3schools.com/cssref/pr_background-color.asp
  15. niche

    php put inside css file security

    this might help https://css-tricks.com/css-variables-with-php/