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    How To Be Good Web Developer

    Not to sound like a buzz-kill here, but before you try to learn HTML and other languages, try perfecting your English
  2. JonathanLee

    Basic Programming (no, Not Basic)

    Hi W3Schools,I'm looking for a simple programming language that I could use as a stepping stone to more complicated languages. If anyone has suggestions about where to start, please tell me.Also, what is the difference between all the C languages? Which is the easiest to learn? Sorry, I really m a programming newbie Thanks,Jonathan
  3. JonathanLee

    Different Certifications

    Yeah, I know, "portfolios are best"...yada yada... but I'm wondering, what are the best free certification exams for different languages? HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Java, Flash...what are the best certifications, online or off, for web languages in general? I'm looking to get a wall full of good certificates. Like, from community colleges for example, do they have courses that include:(X)HTMLCSS.NETASPPerlJavaJavaScriptPHPFlashXMLSQLPhotoshopAJAXDHTMLIf anyone knows some good online/community college courses for these, please tell me.Thanks!
  4. JonathanLee

    Worth $349?

    Hello, I'm new to W3S. I'm 19, and I'm kind of tight on money.So, I'm looking into buying the Adobe Creative Suite 4 Web Premium, and I'm wondering if it's worth it. I only have about $1000 left. I can get the whole lot for $349 with the Higher Ed. discount. I added everything included up, and saw that all the products included add up to $3,250. I see I can get it all for almost 10% of the price, and I think it's worth it. Are there any reasons I shouldn't?Also, for $50 more, I can get Adobe InDesign. Is that worth it, either?Thanks a lot,Jonathan Lee