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  1. We're migrating to Windows Server 2019 (IIS 10) now and this issue has reappeared. I've changed the account in anonymous authentication to the domain admin account as before, but the error is still showing up. I tried creating a new account specifically to run PHP/IIS and gave the account access to the share/file. I tried specifying this account in anonymous authentication and in the application pool identity (and setting anon auth to use the app pool identity), but nothing seems to work. Any ideas on what else I can try?
  2. Unfortunately, i am required to use Progress... I am in touch with Epicor to try to get drivers, otherwise I will revert PHP to an older version. Luckily, Epicor 10 (which we are planning to upgrade to this fall) has moved away from Progress and adopted MySQL so I won't have to deal with this anymore after that. Thanks for your help!
  3. Yes, via ODBC. I set up the DSN in the 32-bit data source manager and a test connection succeeds there. Am I going to have to downgrade PHP and MySQL to 32-bit?
  4. The Progress DB? Yes, I believe so. I have no trouble connecting to it with the same driver on the current intranet (which is running 32-bit PHP 5.??)
  5. Got a new problem now. I'm trying to connect to a Progress DB using OpenEdge 10.2A and getting this error: The specified DSN contains an architecture mismatch between the Driver and Application Clearly its complaining about the fact that I'm running 64-bit PHP and trying to use a 32-bit driver (that's the only driver available). I've enabled 32-bit applications in the app pool on IIS but it's still giving this error. Any ideas?
  6. Thanks, got it all figured out.
  7. I did that, I think. That's what I meant by setting the character_set_server. I launched the MySQL command line and ran the following: set global character_set_server = 'UTF8MB4'; It gave me a warning if I set it to just 'UTF8'. Something about being ambiguous with UTF8MB3? Should I be setting this somewhere else?
  8. I'm trying to configure a new web server to migrate the company intranet, but I'm getting the following error: Server sent charset (255) unknown to the client. Please, report to the developers I did a little googling and it is supposedly a PHP bug that was fixed in version 7.0-ish. I am running MySQL 8.0.15 with PHP 7.3.3 (on Win Server 2019, if that matters) and still getting this error. I tried setting the character_set_server to 'UTF8MB4' but that didn't seem to do anything. Please help.
  9. ShadowMage

    Join Using LIKE

    Well, adjusting my join to use syntax like that I now get this error: I suspect that this is due to what I mentioned previously about there being multiple possibilities to join on and it doesn't know which to use. It looks like I might just have to find a different way to get the information I need (multiple queries and looping through them in PHP perhaps). Thanks, JSG!
  10. ShadowMage

    Join Using LIKE

    The best I've been able to come up with so far is something like this: SELECT OrderHed.OrderNum, OrderHed.SalesRepList, SalesRep.SalesRepCode, SalesRep.Name FROM OrderHed INNER JOIN SalesRep ON OrderHed.Company = SalesRep.Company AND LCASE(LEFT(LTRIM(OrderHed.SalesRepList, '~'), (INSTR(LTRIM(OrderHed.SalesRepList, '~'), '~')-1))) = LCASE(SalesRep.SalesRepCode) WHERE (SalesRep.SalesRepCode = 'ABC') which works, but only returns records if the rep is the first one in the list. Ie, it'll return an order where rep list is "ABC~DEF" but not one where rep list is "DEF~ABC".
  11. ShadowMage

    Join Using LIKE

    lol. They'll tell me to go to their Yahoo user group. Been there done that. Anyways, no the codes are not the same length and yes there could be codes that are subsets of others. They are user generated codes and typically some abbreviated form of a company name.
  12. ShadowMage

    Join Using LIKE

    Hey guys, I have the following SQL statement: SELECT OrderHed.OrderNum, OrderHed.SalesRepList, SalesRep.SalesRepCode, SalesRep.Name FROM OrderHed INNER JOIN SalesRep ON OrderHed.Company = SalesRep.Company AND LCASE(OrderHed.SalesRepList) LIKE CONCAT('%', LCASE(SalesRep.SalesRepCode), '%') WHERE (SalesRep.SalesRepCode = 'ABC') Where OrderHed.SalesRepList is a delimited list of codes in the format "ABC~DEF~GHI" and order is not always the same. I realize this is bad design, but I have no control over the database design (it's Epicor) so I just have to work with what I've got. I need to be able to join the OrderHed table and the SalesRep table on that list of codes. My Google searches suggest that the syntax above should work, but when I run that I get the following error: Is this a limitation on the Progress engine or am I doing something wrong? EDIT: Actually, now that I think about it, I wonder if it's failing because it's trying to create multiple joins in one. Ie, in the example rep list I gave, it would be trying to join the rep codes ABC, DEF, and GHI all at the same time. Are there any other ways around this to accomplish what I'm trying to do? Maybe a nested query of some kind (those really confuse the heck out of me...)?
  13. Seems like that was the problem. Apparently Everyone doesn't include the IUSR... I couldn't find a way to add the IUSR account to the share in AD, but I did figure out how to change the account used in anonymous authentication in IIS.
  14. Maybe a silly question, but how and where do I find the IIS account? I see a group called IIS_IUSRS but there's no members.
  15. I'm not sure if this should go here or in PHP, but I'm having problems getting PHP to connect to a Progress DB. I have IIS installed and configured on a Windows 2008 server and all seems to be fine on that front. I can access the site, and I can run PHP code. I can also access the MySQL databases we have. When I try to access the Progress database, however, I get the following error: Warning: odbc_connect(): SQL error: Specified driver could not be loaded due to system error 5: Access is denied. (Progress OpenEdge 10.2A driver, \\share\path\to\file.dll)., SQL state IM003 in SQLConnect in C:\inetpub\phplib\ODBC.php on line 349 I created a system DSN on the webserver and I am able to successfully test connect from there. I've also added full control for Everyone on the specified DLL (and the path to get to it) and still get the access denied error. Any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
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