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  1. #INCLUDE FILE in another directory

    I'm done typing
  2. #include file paths

    Sorry, I've tried everything. This is really friggen frustrating!!! All I can say is please see my webpage - ccs2468.com/aspquestion.txt
  3. #include file paths

    Copy and paste on this page doesn't work. So see attachment ... or http://ccs2468.com/aspquestion.txt aspquestion.txt
  4. new format

    will someone please reply?
  5. new format

    I can't copy and paste to this window, and i'm terrible typist, so this link holds the major text. I need to know code to open *.accdb formatted file. ccs2468.com/santa/aspquestion.txt
  6. new format

    See site: ccs2468.com/santa/aspquestion.txt
  7. input overloads

    I definitely can not copy and paste. see the attachment --> ccs2468.com/santa/aspquestion.txt
  8. input overloads

    please read the attachment -> ccs2468.com/santa/aspquestion.txt
  9. input overloads

    the <form> element's method, please elaborate. <input type=text> automatically passes. To manually pass you use < type=hidden>, Is there a type=no hidden? i don't see where I can attach a file. So I have uploaded a snippet of my code to my website that might help to clarify my question - ccs2468.com/santa/aspquestion.txt
  10. input overloads

    it irritates me that I can't copy and paste my question into here!!! writing full screen edit. Program reads file (16 records x 20 fields each = hundreds of variables) and displays all on screen. works great! All this data & edits are stored in [global] arrays. I'm using the <input type="text" > command to do this. When I click 'submit' button, it reads data from arrays ands writes it back to file. . Problem is, it tries to pass all this data thru URL window, and overloads. I don't need anything passed, it's all in arrays. Am I using wrong command? Please help me.
  11. javaSCript objects - change

    I establish the object, but then how do I change the members? var ObjectName = { aaaa: "red". bbb: "blue" };
  12. HTML input color

    below is snippet of my code. I need to color individual cells. HTML works with ASP, so must use this function. please help me. <input type="text" name="jessy" value= "jessy" size=10 >
  13. redirect open new window

    i'm running a script, i use response.redirect to run another script. Works great! but it runs in the same window. How do i open it in a new window? using href, i would specify "target=_blank." But what about response.redirect ?
  14. classic-C for DOS

    Can you help me write a program in classic-C?
  15. something wrong with yourwebsite

    Theres something wrong with your website. I can post to it, but when I go to read the responses, I get garibaldi-gook.