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  1. Thank you - that was the ticket!
  2. Thank you for looking at this - that worked - but now I have a scroll bar at the bottom - it seemed to add length to the site.
  3. I am trying to center this menu. Right now it is a local site uploaded through WAMP - but here is the css. .main-navigation {clear: both;display: block;padding: 1.5em;}.main-navigation:after {clear: both;content: "";display: block;}.main-navigation ul {list-style: none;margin: 0 auto;padding-left: 0;}.main-navigation li {float: left;margin: 0.5em 0;position: relative;}.main-navigation a {color: #7c948a;display: block;font-size: 1.4rem;font-weight: bold;margin-right: 2em;text-decoration: none;}.main-navigation ul ul {background: #e9e0d1;border: 1px solid rgba( 0, 0, 0, 0.1 );display: none;float: left;position: absolute;top: 1.2em;left: 0;z-index: 99999;}.main-navigation ul ul ul {left: 100%;top: 0;}.main-navigation ul ul a {padding: 0 1.5em;width: 200px;}.main-navigation ul ul li {}.main-navigation li:hover > a,.main-navigation li.current_page_item a,.main-navigation li.current-menu-item a,.main-navigation ul ul a:hover {color: #33605a;}.main-navigation ul ul :hover > a {}.main-navigation ul li:hover > ul {display: block;} Any ideas?
  4. If you could help me that would be great!!!I have the following array // Set permission groups$group = array("Web Site", "E-Store", "Advanced", "Site Extras", "Administration");// On what group number should the first set of links end?$linkend = 6; To display this in a separate file is ..... <?phprequire_once("../stconfig.php");foreach ($group as $linkval => $linkset){if ($linkval < $linkend){$lkquery = "SELECT * FROM " .SB_DB_PREFIX ."_permissions WHERE ";if ($set_master_key == "no")$lkquery .= "GivePermission = 'Yes' AND ";$lkquery .= "SiteGroup = '$linkset' ORDER BY ID";$lkresult = mysql_query($lkquery, $dblink) or die ("Unable to select links.");if (mysql_num_rows($lkresult) > 0){echo "<div>";echo "<span>$linkset</span>";for ($lk=1; $lkrow = mysql_fetch_array($lkresult); ++$lk){$featurename = str_replace(" ", " ", stripslashes($lkrow[Feature]));if ($featurename == "Coupons")$featurename = "Coupons";if ($setpg == $lkrow[SetPg])echo "<a href=\"$lkrow[SetPg].php\" class=\"current\">$featurename</a>";elseecho "<a href=\"$lkrow[SetPg].php\" class=\"links\">$featurename</a>";}echo"</div>";}}}?> This is the outputThis is what I would like for it to look likeThe array is defined in my MYSQL file.
  5. Deirdre's Dad - the menu I am working on is defined my php - I wish it were as easy to define the HTML with CSS - but the menu is permission based and making it HTML would mess that up.
  6. itskimical

    Jquery & PHP

    I am trying to implement a image zoom within a PHP document. Here is what I am trying to achieve:http://www.professorcloud.com/mainsite/cloud-zoom.htm and here is what I am working with:I have two images - one the thumbnail the other the one is the large imageThumbnail = $display_smimageLarge = $display_lgimageThis is the HTML code that I am to insert - transfering it to PHP is where I get caught up. <a href='/images/zoomengine/bigimage00.jpg' class = 'cloud-zoom' id='zoom1'rel="adjustX: 10, adjustY:-4"><img src="/images/zoomengine/smallimage.jpg" alt='' title="Optional title display" /></a> Here is what I have done so far that has not worked! echo "<a class=\"cloud-zoom\" id=\"zoom1\" href=$display_lgimage1";echo "$display_smimage1</a>"; I am not sure what to do with the rel="adjustX: 10, adjustY:-4"............so I left them out!Thank you!!!
  7. I did get this fixed. I have two items within my header (header right and header left.) In order to make sure that everything in the main content does not shift over to the right the same width as the item on the left I had to define in the css that the header height to accommodate all the items. This fixed my issue.
  8. My navigation bar keeps moving to the far right. http://www.bunkbedbarn.com/index.phpHere is the whole css and below the navbar portion::www.bunkbedbarn.com/css/bunkbedbarn.css .linkbar { text-align: center; font-size:12px; text-transform:uppercase; font-weight:600; background:url(../images/linkbarbackground.png); background-repeat:repeat-y; text-align:center; margin: 0px; padding: 0px; width: 100%; position: relative;}.linkbar ul { margin: 0px; text-align: center; list-style-type:none;}.linkbar li { display: inline; padding: 5px 25px 7px 25px; margin: 0px;} And here is the HTML:: <ul class="linkbar"><li><a href="http://www.bunkbedbarn.com/catalog.php?category=1">Bunk Beds</a></li><li><a href="http://www.bunkbedbarn.com/catalog.php?category=2">Loft Beds</a></li><li><a href="http://www.bunkbedbarn.com/catalog.php?category=19">Captain Beds</a></li><li><a href="http://www.bunkbedbarn.com/catalog.php?category=14">Trundle Beds</a></li><li><a href="http://www.bunkbedbarn.com/catalog.php?category=13">Cannonball Beds</a></li></ul> Thank you for looking at this for me!
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