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  1. simple email on php 7.1

    $to is just set to another variable. Soo.... that variable is set to an actual email address, right? If you're not sure then print the values of everything before you send the email.
  2. Audio Catalog -- XML Design & Suggestions

    You've got multiple tags that seem similar, like DISC_ID and discid. It might be better to create an element for identifying it on other services to move those elements out of the root. So you identify each album however you want to, and have multiple sections to see how it's identified on other services. e.g.: <album> <id>...</id> <title>...</title> <externalservice name="musicbrainz"> <id>MB ID</id> ... </externalservice> </album>
  3. simple email on php 7.1

    You have $to defined somewhere, right? Make sure that the from address is set to the same domain as your web site.
  4. .htaccess File

    I'm not sure what you're asking. You should have the virtual host sections defined in the config file, so if you want to change those then find where they are and change them.
  5. compine two code

    You took away the hover class that causes the tooltip to appear. The visibility never changes.
  6. image css like this site

    What doesn't work properly? Are you checking for Javascript errors in the developer console? If the CSS for that and for the other template are using the same names for classes or overwriting styles on other elements then you'll need to identify those parts and figure out how to fix it.
  7. can i sell chnaged code

    Those are probably questions for a lawyer in your area, but I'm not sure you'll have a very easy time trying to sell HTML or CSS code.
  8. Remove all of the positioning styles on the spans under the div. You're basically telling everything to have a left margin of 87% inside the div. You probably want it to start at the left side of the div, so just remove all of that positioning from the spans and position the one div instead of all the spans. Absolute positioning in general can get pretty problematic pretty quickly. You can play around with the browser's developer tools to see how changing the styles affects the elements.
  9. It looks like you're also using a Javascript function to hide things that may be changing certain CSS properties, but I would start by printing the top and left position that you're telling it to go to just to verify what you're actually telling it to do. Also, you shouldn't use eval, if you need to change the style of an element then do it like you did right there with position, top, and left. document.all is a non-standard legacy feature that you should not rely on.
  10. PHP mail

    Do you see the alert message? You should add an else to that if statement to print something if sending the mail fails so you always get output from the code.
  11. Interpreting HTML as PHP files Using .htaccess

    Well, if you're saying that the chance is greater than 0, then I guess I would agree that would have to be the case, but I wouldn't expect that to work. I believe the ea in that mime type stands for EasyApache, which is how WHM/cPanel servers update and configure Apache and PHP. If you aren't using EasyApache, then I doubt your server is going to have that particular mime type set up for it. But, like I said, I would have to admit that the probability of it working is at least greater than 0. Instead, try to figure out, from documentation or program settings, what mime type your server is actually using for PHP. That will get you a lot closer than a guess.
  12. email at text

    And you said that if you replace that email address in PHP with another one, you get the email? If that's the case, then AT&T is probably blocking your email from PHP.
  13. email at text

    Does it work if you email that address using a regular mail client instead of PHP?
  14. Interpreting HTML as PHP files Using .htaccess

    Apache will look for and process .htaccess files in any directory inside the path that was requested. So as long as that file is in the path that was requested then it will be processed. It might not work on your local server because it might not have application/x-httpd-ea-php56 as a recognized type. That works on your remote server because that looks like it's a cPanel server with multiple versions of PHP installed, and you have PHP 5.6 enabled for your account.
  15. Problem in calling static and non static method

    Why? Why is that important to you? There are reasons why the class is set up that way (even though it could be set up in a better way), so what reasons do you have for not wanting it that way?
  16. about certifications

    I think they give out individual certifications, I haven't heard of combining them into one. These aren't degrees though, this is not an accredited school.
  17. How Is W3Schools Now ?

    The data that gets collected and sold is being done by the site that you're visiting, or various trackers and ads on that site. The vast majority of that data is first or second-person data collection, not third-person.
  18. Break statement code

    Apparently in python a for loop can have an else. That doesn't make a ton of sense, but I guess there are niche cases where that might be useful.
  19. Media Player

    Once of the things that HTML 5 added is native support for video and audio elements. It's really just a case of using enough formats to support any device, because there's not a single format supported by everything. But you can specify multiple formats and the browser will play the first one it supports. The video and audio elements also have a DOM interface where you can use methods like play, stop, etc. The browser can show its default controls or you can hide them and create your own buttons that you hook up through Javascript.
  20. Break statement code

    That else should be lined up with the if, not the for.
  21. Break statement code

    Hopefully you've learned that indentation in Python is significant, so what does the error message tell you? What you're missing with that code is probably the modulus or mod operator, the % operator. Look up the modulus operator to see details, but it returns the remainder after a division. So, for example, 17 % 5 equals 2, because 2 is the remainder of the division (5 goes into 17 3 times, with 2 left over). So the line with the mod operator is testing if the two numbers are equally divisible with no remainder.
  22. For statement with slice copy

    Post the current code you're using, it's tough when you're using something other than what you posted. I can only debug what I can see. If that error is on the insert line then it sounds like you're giving it a tuple instead of an integer for the position to insert.
  23. How to exit from for loop

    I don't know if that statement takes any other value to tell it how many levels to exit, but if not then can set a variable before you exit that you can check in the outer loop to see whether or not to exit. That's a little confusing though and suggests that there's a more efficient way to design what you're trying to do.
  24. For statement with slice copy

    I wasn't referring to the for loop, I was talking about the variable definition. The error message says you are using a tuple, and like it points out tuples do not have an insert method (you misspelled that in the error message). If that's true, then it sounds like you've defined the variable using parentheses instead of square brackets, which is why I was asking if that is the actual code you are executing or if you copied and pasted that code from another source.
  25. For statement with slice copy

    Are you sure that's the exact code you're using? The error message says you've defined a tuple instead of a list.