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    Parse XML Response

    I am looking at XMLRPC but my problem is that i have to send a xml file not call a specific function i could not find this demo anywhere
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    Parse XML Response

    Hello i have been looking through many books and on internet may be i am not following the procedures properly but here is my situation,-I have a xml(requesting file) which requests another xml (responding xml) file when it has been posted-now the the responding xml needs to be parsed to be displayed..here is the problem- i have gotten various parsers but in their example they all show how to parse RSS feeds which is very easy because we are requesting certain elements straight out of existing XML(with .xml extension). but in MY case the responding XML is created on fly depending(with .CGI extension initially) on which elements the requesting XML asks for...hence when i submit my xml through html form using http post i end up on a different server so i have 2 problems1-I have exited my server2-I am reciving an error for incorrect XML request which i have been told is because i am not parsing the REQUESTSo i would need a parser which takes the elemnts or whatever required from the Responding XML file and displays the results while on the same server if not the same page.I greatly appreciate the help hope i have been clear nuff, i know i have been repetitive but that is for clarity thanks again!
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