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  1. I am sorry if I wasn't specific enough about it.I will do as you said but meanwhile I got some idea about what people like.Thank you !
  2. Why would I be joking ????I am very serious,do I come across as a joker ? I am confused on what topic to start my website.I want real results and I just ask for a simple vote, thats all.If you don't want to vote, then just don't............ no problem !!thank you
  3. Hi, everyoneI am busy building my website and I need ur help, please voteDon't get distracted by the game, I need ur votes, thnx
  4. Hey guys, this one is perfect ( justsomeguy) for me and there are do ads ( Deirdre's Dad )'s cool !!I saw what some of the others have to offer and I 'll go with this oneThanks !!!
  5. Yes, But with the Ftp server I had, I just had to upload my html file and host it from there on, but maybe it's me ??, but Apache ??too difficult, thnxHey, guys...........I think this is a good one: Plse check if it is good or not !!It works good, just Googled it and it works just the way I like it. Thanks a lot !!!
  6. Yes, but that is what they are called on the net !!??Take a look plse !! !! I understand what you mean,...................but do you know any good and free servers.
  7. Thank u very much, but everything but Apache, I've tried it I .....I dunno what to say or do.
  8. Hello,I was looking for a good and free server to host my own websites.The best I had was: Easy webserver, but it was a trial.Golden Ftp was good too, but at some point it stopped working.Opera browser has one too, but you have to download the webpage to view it........and that is not the proper way to host a website.Can anyone tell me where to find one ??Thnx !!!!
  9. Personally, I think Microsoft products rule offline ( office 2010 : Word/OneNote etc ), but Google products rule online !!
  10. That is right, you can do very cool stuff with this knowledge ( it looks scary at first ); by the way what is up with IE9 not supporting everything in html5 and CSS3, I'm like what is the we have to wait for IE10, because Chrome supports more stuff and it is faster ( @ least that is what I think ).I use Chrome everyday and I never use IE9......never , it is toooo slow.
  11. Right, I think that it is very important to be enthusiastic; this makes it less difficult to understand.Thank u, very much.
  12. Yes, it took me almost a year or less to master html, xhtml and css. Now I am getting the hang of it.When I saw what JS can do, I thought: 'wow this is what I was missing: Dynamic'.I did some VB too and it looks like JS.I think JS looks very difficult, but I 'll go for it.Thnx
  13. gg, Yes I was going to get certified in Css 2 weeks ago, but I didn't. I did the test about a hundred times, but practice makes perfect.The test is more theory based.That's why I was wondering what to do next; although Css 3 is the new standard of Css and still in progress, JS is now a priority.I had a closer look today ( JS) and it is everything I want my websites to do.