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  1. divinedesigns1

    php function in javascript help

    thanks, sorry for the late reply
  2. divinedesigns1

    php function in javascript help

    so use the ajax to get the information from the php to then call the ajax in javascript? if i understand correctly, thanks
  3. divinedesigns1

    php function in javascript help

    if I have a PHP function can I call it in a javascript function? I am pulling the information from a database using PHP? or do I have to use java for this?
  4. divinedesigns1

    function to php form

    how can i link a function to a php form so it can run the function on submit i know you have to add the function in the action="" but is there anything i need add to make this work correctly?
  5. divinedesigns1

    how can i not displaying whole link

    hey guys how can i not display the whole like to my include file if its in my admin folder? include "admin/asset/functions.php"; <---- how it is being included at the moment i would like the admin part to not be added, is there a way of doing this?
  6. divinedesigns1

    magento issues

  7. divinedesigns1

    magento issues

    does anyone have any idea why magento wouldnt display the new theme once you create it? im using 2.2.1 i followed all the steps and nada, if need more information lemme know and ill post the files fyi: no error displayed
  8. divinedesigns1

    generating menus problems

    I got it working, I also try a similar outcome between a status and its comment and both seem to render find 😄 thanks for the help
  9. divinedesigns1

    generating menus problems

    this sound way better than what i just did, now i just have to adjust my database to make this work, thank a lot dsonesuk
  10. divinedesigns1

    generating menus problems

    so i been messing around with php to find a way to generate menus using php *im bored, so yeah better do something* anyway i decided to do it this way function menu() { include "config.php"; $mainMenu = mysqli_query($con, "SELECT * FROM `main-menu`") or die('Error: ' . mysqli_error($con)); if($mainMenu){ ?> <ul> <?php while($mainRow = mysqli_fetch_assoc($mainMenu)){ $menuId = $mainRow['id']; $commonName = $mainRow['actualName']; $menuName = $mainRow['name']; $menuTags = '<li><a href="' . $menuName . '">' . $commonName; echo $menuTags; } // check if there's any submenus $subMenu = mysqli_query($con, "SELECT * FROM `sub-menu` WHERE `sub-id`=$menuId") or die('Error: ' . mysqli_error($con)); if($subMenu){ while($subRow = mysqli_fetch_assoc($subMenu)){ $subId = $subRow['sub-id']; $subName = $subRow['sub-name']; $subConame = $subRow['actualNames']; $subMain = $subRow['main-menu-id']; $actualMenu = '<ul>'; $actualMenu .= '<li><a href="' . $subName . '">' . $subConame . '</li>'; $actualMenu .= '</ul></li>'; echo $actualMenu; } } } ?> </ul> <?php } ?> i was wonder if there is another way of doing this, because im only getting one of the sub menu instead of both of them so currently the menu looks like this Home Services Service 1 it suppose to look like this instead Home Services Service 1 Service 2 any idea of what im doing wrong? as always your response is appreciated greatly
  11. divinedesigns1

    how to detect which page im on

  12. divinedesigns1

    how to detect which page im on

    hey so i had this topic up here before but cant find it. does anyone know how i can go about detecting the webpage im on using php?
  13. divinedesigns1

    how to use css bg on wordpress

    i figure it out by the way, thanks tho
  14. divinedesigns1

    how to use css bg on wordpress

    oooooo k
  15. divinedesigns1

    how to use css bg on wordpress

    hey guys, is there a way to style my background image in css to be used on a wordpress website? i try to do this but the background isnt being shown at all once i upload both folder and file if anyone can help with this, it would be greatly appreciated