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  1. Hello, I have this code here, I watched a video on how to create a form for php posting. In phpmyadin, the database is called 'page', so, what happens after I post an email and password on my page, it goes to a 404 on the web host I'm using. So the php file, and the web page above. Here is screen of the phpmyadmin. Thank you.
  2. I appreciate you now stating that. Flipping tutorials clips, may be the narrator was just out to generate some revenue. I once bought a python book last year, all I got was printouts, it was complete utter rubbish. So the example doesn't work at all?
  3. From what I can remember that was what the vid narrator displayed, so as for trying an API, an error which doesn't require any actual code or mysql, that doesn't work either. I actually did mentioned it on your profile, so profile doesn't accept messages. Something about stack over flow.
  4. Everything I did a few months ago when I began this was from a video. So I don't know, I just typed out what the narrator in the clip was saying and tried it, and obviously it didn't work, since I turned up here and got the advice you have given and corrections to the file.
  5. The ip address is added in the actual file. The folder is root, I believe so. As for the Not selected, I don't know about all of this.
  6. According to the free web host, there are no restrictions on the php7. I have also tried getting a Php Twitter API to work, but I get the error of an uncaught error, stack flow. Of course, there is no db or anything, so it should work, the index page is the only edited file, add connections to a consumer key and token key, and all that. I don't know what is happening here. I may have to try another free web host that offers php/mysql.
  7. You don't accept messages via inbox.

  8. Hello,

    I have been trying the API used in the twitter social site, I know a pretty odd, and pointless site LOL! Donald Trump is a distraction.

    Could you please give me some pointers as to what this is on about? I am using the same free web host for the login page, I am trying.

    "Fatal error: Uncaught Abraham\TwitterOAuth\TwitterOAuthException: Connection timed out after 5001 milliseconds"

    Thank you.

  9. This is what loads after I turned on a setting in php config in the cpanel. Warning: mysqli_connect(): (HY000/2002): Connection timed out in post.php on line 3 Not connected To Server Warning: mysqli_select_db() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, boolean given in post.php on line 11 Database Not selected Warning: mysqli_query() expects parameter 1 to be mysqli, boolean given in post.php on line 20
  10. Hmm, I may be of been correct, you may be onto a fact, that there could be limitations for use with the free web host, perhaps full use of the php/mysql is for paid only. I read about a htaccess file, It can be created as you stated, AuthName "Member's Area Name" AuthUserFile /path/to/password/file/.htpasswd AuthType Basic require valid-user ErrorDocument 401 /error_pages/401.html AddHandler server-parsed .html
  11. Right okay that brings up what I viewed before, error logs are on. What am I going to find to get some information on what is going on?
  12. Where would I find that? I don't think the free host gives that access, a free host may restrict php edits, may be its for forum use only as there is a phpbb forum available to use therefore the mysql access.
  13. I tried that, the free host I am using has Php 7, dates back to May. And this is load configuration /etc/php70/php.ini I did watch a clip on youtube about this file, I was puzzled.
  14. This is now what I get from having typed in some values into the form, I did correct the php file. As I had stated, I had watched a tutorial clip on youtube a few months back now, that would be, and it showed not using brackets or the fact that there was a space between php and the question mark.
  15. There is no Php.ini file, where would be if not in the file manager? Nothing occurs. Blank screen once I tested the email form. The code doesn't go back to the form page, I removed that, but the Mysql db should contain the record, but nothing.
  16. Hmm, well the example I got of this was from a tutorial on a video site. So I'm not knowledgeable in MySql, or php. I'm also not a computer programmer, so I'm not versed in the subject of web languages. I only ever got as far as html 4.01, that was ten years back. So therefore I returned here to get some answers for my problem. The clips jump from here to there, and so on. Its great, but it is all bit messy. Okay, now I get a post.php, but no values in the database. So from what you have stated, about !$con is a problem. I doubt I'd have to be concerned about any scramble mysql code or so. I'm not going very far with this yet. Some sort of login page/comment form. Thank you. <? php $con= mysqli_connect('mysql service db ip'.'root',''); if (!$con) { echo 'Not connected To Server'; } if(!mysqli_select_db($con, 'page')) { echo 'Database Not selected'; } $Email = $_POST('email'}; $Password = $_POST('Password'}; $sql = "INSERT INTO Person(Email, password) ValueS ('$Email', '$password')"; if(!mysqli_query(!$con,sql)) { echo ''; } else { echo ''; } header(""); ?>
  17. Ah okay, I see. I did change that. It doesn't redirect back to the login page, as well, there is no record in the mysql database.
  18. Yep they are in htdocs.
  19. I wasn't able to solve this, what could be the problem with this?
  20. How Is W3Schools Now ?

    I do remember the one from ten years back, when I was more of a browser of this site. I did like the older one. At the end of the day I've only returned recently, and the longest since that time.
  21. Hello, Thank you for the responses, tried the following edits. And the files are located in htdocs folder in the online file manager? And no, form.php just goes to a 404.
  22. Hi, I don't know if there are some veterans of website design going back. I'm certainly neither one myself. But how has the website design business changed now as to twenty years ago?
  23. Copyright

    Very unlikely that would happen, the worst would be a web page being taken down. May be repeated offenses could lead to a serious penalty fine.
  24. Hi, Does anyone here know how to create basic shooter games using Javascript? Like 2D stuff, I believe that is only possible. Anything 3D would be python, an actual computer language.
  25. Hi, I'm on an old system 32 bit XP, running Firefox. I have had this dialog box load up when ever using Yahoo mail. Obviously a javascript ad problem. Why does that tend to happen? The browser uses plenty of memory and processing power. Some sort of clash where the ad can't function or the code won't go through the usual process due to memory scarcity?