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  1. Post deleted by poster.
  2. Post deleted by poster.
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  6. http://www.uploadscriptdemo.com/more_info.php
  7. We will make it so delete URLs will only work for the IP address that uploaded it and and I think it would be a good idea to include it all in file like Invision Power Board 1.3 did. Sorry for that its a demo site and you never know what people will upload thats why the uploads are deleted everyday. We will build it into the next version. Honestly I never thought of doing that.
  8. Me and five other people have been publishing and improving this free image hosting script and we just wanted to know your opinion on its current progress.http://www.uploadscriptdemo.com/more_info.php?
  9. Here is a fixed version <?php include("../includes/DBConnecter.php"); ?>if($_POST['title'] == '') { echo "You did not enter a title<br>";}else{ $FirstName = $_POST['f_name'];} if($_POST['category'] = '') { echo "You did not enter a category<br>";}else{ $Category = $_POST['category'];}if($_POST['article'] = '') { echo "You did not enter an article<br>";}else{ $Article = $_POST['article']; }$sql = "CREATE TABLE ".$Category." ( `Title` TEXT NOT NULL, `Article` TEXT NOT NULL, `Time` TIMESTAMP NOT NULL )"; mysql_query($sql,$con); ?>
  10. preg_replace is a regular expression search and replacestr_replace will replace all occurrences of the search string with the replacement string
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