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    Good eveningI just finished a flash program consuming w3shcools web servicehttp://www.w3schools...empconvert.asmxwhich is working perfectly locally but when I try to run it from my http serverhttp://www.bi-system...es/convert.htmlproduces the following error To access external data, add a cross-domain policy file to the external data web server.For more information, on the Adobe website, see the article “Cross-domain Policy File Specification”.If the problem persists, contact the file creator or your system administrator.Error: Error #2170Connection Type: Web Service Connection.According to ADOBEs http://kb2.adobe.com...2/tn_14213.html the crossdomain.xml file that allows my flash program to access the service should be placed on w3schools http server.Is that correct or do I have an alternative ? Thank you in AdvanceRegardsDimitri