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  1. Hello, I created a php and database driven website which work perfectly on my WAMP. I uploaded it on my server (atspace). Of course, I created the database and adjusted the password and paths to the database.Some of my php page acceding to my database works fine through the server but some php pages just don't work and the browser show "error 404: can not find page." But my pages are well uploaded to the server... What's wrong?Is there anyone who could help me? Thanks and best regards.H Olivier Dauxais. my email is: olivierdauxais at free.fr.
  2. Thank you for your help.As soon as I find a bit of time, I'll study the info you gave me.Then, I'll come back to you to give you news.Thanks again for your answer.All the best.H Olivier Dauxais.
  3. I would like to offer to the visitors of my website the possibility for them to enter their email address in order to receive sometime a newsletter from my website.How to code the input form to get their email address?How to code the procedure to check the good validity of the email?How to code the storage in MySQL?How to code the procedure of sending an email to confirm the subscription and also to propose a link to unsubscribe?How to code to retrieve the email stored in the database when wishing to send a newsletter?And then, how to code the sending of this newsletter? I am ok with HTML/XHTML & CSS but I need help regarding how to handle PHP, MySQL and other things necessary to do the above project. Can someone help me? Thanks.H Olivier Dauxais.
  4. Hello, I am rather beginnner. HTML/XHTML and CSS is fine for me but I still have problem with PHP.Can someone tell me how to do in PHP a common menu for many different HTML pages?Thanks.H Olivier Dauxais.
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