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    image centering

    ta dude thats cool
  2. gosu^

    asp newbie

    ta jerome, ive actually figured out anouther way of doing it:
  3. gosu^

    asp newbie

    hey dudes and dudets.just started out on some basic time/ date asp ive figured out how to tell the exact time date in hour/minutes/seconds format and day/month/year format depending on which i want and writen it a html stream.now i've been asked to figure out how to add stuff (math) so like say what the date will be in 3 days time. anyone help, im a bit stuck?thanks dudes/dudets
  4. gosu^

    VBScript -> Visual Basic

    oh dear dont get me confused - i've just gotten into an apprentiship (internet and software technician apprentice) and im 16 just starting out learning about html/css and a little bit of flash type scripting language and a bit of javascript. im dumb and my workplace need vbscript/vbscript.net and i have to learn it :S me scared now
  5. gosu^

    image centering

    hey i got an image which i want to be the head but i want it just to kind of float in the middle of the page at the top. im struggling not to use tables to do this (nub) and was wandering if someone could help with some css way of doing it? much appreciated
  6. gosu^

    links colour

    aha just figured it (im a monkey) in css i set the a:visited to #11ff00 which seemed to have worked
  7. gosu^

    links colour

    nope totally css based :/ i just checked too sorry i aint replyed in a while but i bin busy
  8. gosu^

    links colour

    ok in ie (maxthon) i got the links to be the decided colour (green), and the <p>'s to be pink using this in css p{ color: #fc33bc;}a:link{ text-decoration:none; color: #11ff00;}a:hover{ text-decoration: underline; color: #00aaff} in firefox it renders the links as purple and hover as a light blue :| any ideas?
  9. gosu^


    lol yeah but problem is the page has got other content aswell which i want the user to see before the window pops open - they might not want to be forced with anouther window. i've kind of made a different way around it for now (just opend the pdf file from the link on the other page with target=_blank so they just have to go to the other window.)ta anyways
  10. gosu^


    i got 2 pages and a pdf file in one page i got an <a name="apps"></a><h2>Application Form</h2><ul><li><a href="skillsad_app.pdf">PDF format</a> (57KB)</li></ul> from the other page ive typed <a href="whatever.html#apps">apps</a> so that it links strait to the pdf file. is there anyway to get it to automatically open this file or does the user have to click the link in order to open it?
  11. gosu^

    css layout

    ta mate ill have a fiddle although i dont think it will work ( probably coz im a depressing slag when it comes down to it Lol)
  12. gosu^

    css layout

    heyaim using div tagsi want it to be set out in three columns in css ive labled them #leftcontent, #maincontent, #rightcontent.in html ive done<div id="leftcontent">(content)</div><div id="maincontent"(content)</div><div id="rightcontent">content</div>now for some reason the first column worked the main content then also worked and now im trying to get rightcontent to float to the right of screen. in css ive given the float attributes of left none and right, assigned widths and all that type of thing... also just so you know - i DO know im a noobie at this and its probably Very obvious to some of you what i should do to fix it, but everyone needs to learn some point if you know where im going wrong please post id appreciate it alot!
  13. gosu^

    Need help with javascript...

    edit: im an idiot my last post was silly sorry
  14. gosu^

    mouseovers - need help!!

    Hey guys, im new to these forums, also new to web designing (so be gentle) only been doing it for a month ish.ive found this bit of javascript for mouse overs... now this is the first time ive properly sat down and tried to self teach javascript - needless to say without luck.could anyone give me a a kind hand? HTML Script <A href="whatever.html" onMouseover="imgOn('img1')" onMouseout="imgOff('img1')"><Img src="whatever.gif" width="127" height="74" alt="Pictures" border="0" name="img1"></A> Java script for a mouse rollover <script LANGUAGE=JAVASCRIPT> <!-- bName = navigator.appName; bVer = parseInt(navigator.appVersion); if ((bName == "Netscape" && bVer >= 3) || (bName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer" && bVer >= 4)) br = "n3"; else br = "n2"; if (br == "n3") { img1on = new Image(); img1on.src = "whateveron.gif"; img1off = new Image(); img1off.src = "whateveroff.gif"; } // Function to 'activate' images. function imgOn(imgName) { if (document.images) { document[imgName].src = eval(imgName + "on.src"); } } // Function to 'deactivate' images. function imgOff(imgName) { if (document.images) { document[imgName].src = eval(imgName + "off.src"); } } // --> </SCRIPT> now my img names are:buttonover.gif = mouseover button imgbuttonup.gif = mouse off imgbut i dont know where i need to change the script to suite me... could you give me a hand?cheers John