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    Forms and python

    Hi, I am working with this tutorial and I am having problems in the exercise using google chrome, since they use as an example a browser called "ella". To make the example form they create an html file, and also a .cgi file in a subdirectory named cgi When I try to straightforwardly use it on chrome, I can of course open and read the html file properly, but when I submit the form the browser simply displays the raw code in the cgi file.How does it work in google chrome? I have no clue about what to do. Thanks
  2. saito200

    Use python for web programming

    Thanks for your answers, I'll learn something about javascript too
  3. saito200

    Use python for web programming

    Hi! I am a *very* green amateur on web programming so maybe the question is kind of heretical.So is it possible (or reasonable) to use python instead of java for programming a web page?(Why not?) Thanks