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  1. Taking values of variable from forms

    use$_POST['age'] mysqli_query($con,"UPDATE Persons SET Age=".$_POST['age']." WHERE FirstName='Peter' AND LastName='Griffin'");
  2. Show Webcam for any body

    I Nerver seen Flash Communication Server can do.
  3. PHP Config edit

    thanks for advice boen_robot
  4. PHP Config edit

    May be use readfile and explode.
  5. PHP help

    HAPPY NEW YEAR GIRL tableid, title, subject 1. show id as linkHere how to with databasehttp://www.w3schools...ysql_select.asp in file menu.phpwho link by code... echo '<a href="page.php?id='. $row['id'] .'">'.$row['title'].'</a>'; 2. after clicked php will accept with GEThttp://www.w3schools...php/php_get.asp in file page.php sql string...'select * from your_table_name where id='.$_GET['id'] and show record... echo '<p>'.$row['title'].'<br/>'; echo '<p>'.$row['subject'].'<br/>';
  6. Cannot display username from session

    you forgot to register$_SESSION['username']
  7. email didn't work

  8. This isn't working

    may be$_SESSION['user_id'] not set
  9. One last error, hopefully this is it

    <?PHP@session_start();//This function will find and checks if your data is correct//Collect your info from login form if (isset($_REQUEST['logout']))unset($_SESSION["username"]);//Show Logout Buttonif (isset($_SESSION["username"]))echo '<form method="post" name="logoutform" action=""> Username: '.$_SESSION["username"].' <input value="logout" name="logout" type="submit"><br></form>';//Show Login Formelseif (!(isset($_POST['username'])&&isset($_POST['password']))){echo '<b>Login Form</b><br/><form method="post" name="loginform" action=""> User Name:<input name="username"><br> User Password:<input name="password" type="password"><br><input value="Login" name="submit" type="submit"><br></form>';}else{ $username = $_POST['username']; $password = $_POST['password']; //Connecting to database $connect = mysql_connect("myhost", "myuser", "mypass"); if(!$connect){ die(mysql_error()); } //Selecting database $select_db = mysql_select_db("mydatabase", $connect); if(!$select_db){ die(mysql_error()); } //check username $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE username='$username'"); $row = mysql_fetch_array($result); $user = $row['username']; if($username != $user){ die('Username is wrong! <br/><a href="">Try again</a>'); } else $select_pass = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM users WHERE username='$username' AND password='$password'"); while($row4 = mysql_fetch_array($select_pass)) { $_SESSION["username"] = $_POST["username"]; } if (isset($_SESSION["username"] )) echo 'Welcome, '.$_SESSION["username"].' please continue on our <a href="index.php">Index</a>'; else die('Your password is wrong! <br/><a href="">Try again</a>'); }?>
  10. Need help in creating a form like this

    Idiacreate table_visitor[visit_id] [visit_url] [visit_time] [visit_ip] create visitor file (sample insert_visitor.php) have code to insert value to table_visitor in states.php,Cities.php,Category.php,New_topic_title.php,Topic_description.phpinclude file insert_visitor.php finalyuse code to show cont and group (checkvisitor.php) SELECT Count(table_visitor.visit_id) AS CountOfvisit_id, table_visitor.visit_urlFROM table_visitorGROUP BY table_visitor.visit_url to output echo CountOfvisit_idandecho visit_url
  11. Format Number

  12. filling a form

    i mean you can see variable in addressbar after change post to getlike thishttp://ie.microsoft.com/testdrive/ieblog/2008/Sep/09_TheIE8SmartAddressBarPart1NavigateEasierandFaster_2.pngand after you see variable change to Post again.
  13. filling a form

    change <form action="register_form.php" method="post"> to <form action="register_form.php" method="GET"> and get variable you need in address bar after complete change it back
  14. PHP displays ö in another page and like ö in another

    in thailand i use PHP <?PHP header('Content-Type: text/html; charset=Windows-874'); ?> and HTML <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=Windows-874"> to show header for thai language and use mysql_query("SET NAMES tis620"); to get thai charactor from mysql