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  1. Hi, I have a html page (build with xml en xsl). I want to update my database when someone visits the page with the date and url page. I want it to be done when someone visits the page. I want to get track on how many times a page has been visited and when. The user don't have to click on anything, it has to be stored when the page is opening. I thought to do it to add a javascript that update the database, but it is not a good idea because javascript is client based. So I thought a could call a jsp file (where the code is written to update the database) when the html page loads.The problem is that I don't know how to call the jsp file, without loading it in the browser. I find something like this: <script language="JavaScript"> function updateStats(){ var jspcall="url.jsp" window.location.href=jspcall } </script> and then I tried with <body onload="updateStats()"> But then ofcourse the page is loaded. Someone an idea how I could do it properly?
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